Sunday, 5 May 2013


So i'm sitting here waiting for the latest video to upload, typing this because i can't post a link yet, and thinking, why do i bother with this blog?  I have a diary which is better because i don't have to think about what i want to keep private, and i know this isn't read, so why am i keeping it?  I suppose it's partly because i think it could become more popular if, for example, i put resources on here or added information in other ways, but the thing is, nobody would read it even then.

Actually, one thing which really annoys me is this.  I put very little effort into this blog, partly because i know people don't read it.  There are, though, many excellent blogs out there which are a lot more worthwhile and into which people do put a lot of effort.  Those are not the popular ones.  Well, they can be, but there's a lot of unfairness because i see a whole load of old rope put up by bloggers all the time which is basically dead simple stuff which either tells people how to do what i think everyone knows what to do or says very little that's of any value, and it gets read.  I don't actually care very much whether anyone reads this and probably can't manoeuvre it into a position where it will be, and i accept that it's a load of blah which nobody cares about, including me, but even from my fortress of total apathy i can feel the sting of the injustice.  I realise one issue is that everyone's shouting very loudly and of all people i recognise the value of prostituting oneself, but surely people can't want to read yet another entry about how to strike a match, cut your fingernails or the cyber-equivalent.  I mean, i can say this because i lack emotional investment in this, having a crappy blog i put no effort into and don't care about, but what about someone like Vanilla Rose?  I would be pretty peed off if i was her right now.  This is obviously another example of a good blog but then i'm obviously going to be biassed about that.

I'm not going to link to any crap blogs but oh dear oh dear.  What is wrong with people?

OK, is my video ready yet?

Well, it is, but apparently the thumbnail isn't.  Anyway:

Click to tweet: .  Following on from my previous video, 'Creationism Is Blasphemous', i wanted to address a few issues which arose from it, such as the claim that Darwinism leads to totalitarianism as with the Nazis and Stalin.  Adolf Hitler used whatever he thought would lead him to power, including the idea of white supremacy and therefore a ladder of evolution like the great chain of being, and organised religion, i.e. the Church, though to a lesser extent than Fascism.  Stalinism is another ideology linked with Darwinism, as is Social Darwinism, but in that case Stalinism uses Marxist rhetoric rather than being a continuation of rationalism, which is what Marxism could fairly claim to be, and in the Soviet Union Lamarck and Lysenko were more popular than Darwin for ideological reasons.

The E and J documents have different accounts of the Creation, so we can fairly conclude that, unlike many other parts of the collection of disparate texts which comprise the Bible, that is not meant to be taken literally.  Scripture is remarkably sparse in certain areas - for instance, it rarely refers to colour or attempts to describe how things are done.  This is because it's not a practical manual, but a means employed by God to draw us closer to him.  Judaism and Roman Catholicism both take the Bible very seriously but reject creationism.  Even Orthodox Jews also object to the inclusion of intelligent design in state school curricula because they see it as an erosion of the distinction between church and state.

A major concern i have with this, though, is the barrier it presents to evangelism.  If people are expected to accept Christianity with creationism or not at all, they will in all probability conclude that Christianity is irrational and those people will not benefit from God's love.  Even if you honestly believe creationism is true, forcing people to accept it as a sine qua non of the Christian faith goes against what Paul said about not eating meat sacrificed to idols - it can cause one's brother to stumble in faith.  We definitely shouldn't be doing that.

Yeah i know, a bit similar to 'Creationism Is Blasphemous' and a bit God-bothery, but i wanted to respond to some criticisms.