Thursday, 16 May 2013

Double Dutch

Right, let's have another go at this:

Click to tweet: . This is the first of a number of videos planned on the chakras. The Sanskrit word "cakra" means "wheel", and represents a centre of energy. At first this sounds like it has a lot of metaphysical overheads but in fact chakras are potentially natural kinds like species, elements or different kinds of digit such as fingers, thumbs and toes. They can be considered as at least points where the spine changes direction associated with endocrine glands.

A lot can be said about chakras, but i'll keep it very simple. There are seven major chakras, each associated in the West with a colour of the rainbow:
Muladhar - where the kundalini lies sleeping. Associated with the anus and gonads - ovaries or testes. Red. Animal energy.
Svadhisthan - gonads again (testicles or ovaries) - orange. Fertility.
Manipur - pancreas or adrenals. The solar plexus chakra - yellow.
Anahat - thymus. The "heart" chakra.
Vishuddha - thyroids and parathyroids - communication - blue.
Ajna - third eye - pituitary.
Sahasrara - crown chakra - pineal.

There will be a lot more on chakras on here. It's a big subject. For now, though, there's just this.

I realise i could've said a whole lot more about chakras than this and i'm rather embarrassed about the mistakes, particularly the one about the adrenals.  However, this video, i think, is chiefly remarkable for the following two scenes:

In the upper picture, i think my abdomen is more distended than usual, at least i hope it is - it may not be.  In the lower - well, tell me what you think if you're reading this.  Suffice it to say that my abdomen is not my only concern in that picture.

This is a good illustration of why naturism would be in no way sexy.  These two flabby specimens are typical of the kind of thing you'd see, except that my own body is probably in a bit of a state compared to most people's.  It also illustrates body dysmorphia, or at least the great difficulty i have perceiving my own body as i would perceive others', which kind of relates to the subject of the video.

I also did the pregnancy vlog today and demonstrated a technique i use during it.