Sunday, 30 September 2012

Burnout and the quarter-life crisis

Remarkably, i'm not currently suffering from burnout, partly because i don't do much.  However, i can easily remember a time when i did, and notably i did it a lot in my early twenties.  There is a good video waiting to be made about this, but this one is not it:

The story behind this is that i've noticed Charlie McDonnell getting a lot of stick about not uploading more videos, but when i look at the accounts of the people making those complaints they have not themselves uploaded any videos on those accounts.  Daniel says they're trolling, but i'm not so sure because they sound quite sincere.  My personal take on this is that the people concerned may be going through a quarter-life crisis.  Insofar as life crises even exist, the quarter-life one is about feeling daunted by being stuck doing the same thing for the next four decades or so and nostalgia for the recent past when things seemed easier and nicer in retrospect.

We only think we know these people of course, and the reading of the situation may be completely incorrect, but burnout and the quarter-life crisis do exist.

In other news, my video on Yoga and flatulence has had a lot of views.  What to make of this?  Hmm.  High dubium.