Friday, 21 September 2012


Today's video was supposed to be about lung volumes but since i wanted to try out the new camera, i made a video on the world i missed out on when i described 'Here Be Dragons'.  I then accidentally uploaded the unedited version, but in any case Avidemux didn't like the codec, so it was a bit of a struggle and clearly a work in progress.  As a result, this is the real me, testing the quality of the video camera:

This is completely over the top of course, because doing a 1080p version of a talking head video is utterly ridiculous for its content.  However, according to my YouTube guru, who also happens to be my son, the quality of the audio and video has to be good.

Just on the subject matter, i've noticed that there are in fact six worlds in 'Here Be Dragons':  World Zero, Ancient World, West World, Realistic World, Aphrodite's Children and Ragnarok. I'd previous said there were four, i think.  Ragnarok is the most realistic.  It's an alternate timeline of this world where a superrnova generated a blast of radiation which destroyed all life on one hemisphere of this planet in the late tenth century. A minority of palaeontologists attribute the mass extinction of the late Ordivician 444 million years ago to such an event.  As a result, a mass extinction is underway and there are only a few hundred thousand people living in Ragnarok today.  Ragnarok is linked to Ancient World via an interdimensional portal called the Rainbow Bridge.

Two interesting things have happened on YouTube.  One is that someone i don't know has actually shown interest in the forthcoming book, which is great.  The other is that someone only one degree of separation from a subscriber to the Other Channel has commented on a video.  This is a bit weird, but good.  Maybe they will come together one day after all.