Saturday, 29 September 2012

Take two before breakfast

Two videos again today, the second one being take two of yesterday's Yoga and flatulence vid failure.  Here's the second, better framed than the first so you can see how slapdash my asanas are nowadays:


Of course, describing asanas as slapdash is end-gaining and ayogic.  What i'm doing here, i think, is attempting to capitalise on my previous Yoga video on uddiyana bandha and nauli for constipation and flatulence, which at the time of writing has almost eight thousand views, presumably because it got linked to from somewhere.

One of the problems of relentless video production is the difficulty with editing and learning how to make good videos.  The punishing schedule of one a day gives results about as slapdash as the Yoga, and maybe this is the answer - don't end-gain with videos any more than i do with Yoga.  What would that mean though?   An entire channel filled up with my crud?  You probably know the answer to that better than i.