Sunday, 28 July 2013

All Men Are Rapists, And That's All We Are

It's a hard truth to face.  In the absence of access to women's experience, i err on the side of caution and choose the most extreme position in order to compensate for my lack of knowledge, so that's me.  I am a rapist and nothing else.

But how?  I have to take that on faith.  I am aware that rape is about power and therefore that the fact that my sexual desires for others are almost non-existent is irrelevant.  Also, taking this on faith, it might be thought that i should escape my gender in order to assuage for my essence as a rapist, but that's also a form of rape, according to Janice Raymond.

Hence today's video:

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So, as i say in the video, the appropriate response to what i have to assume is so, is suicide, it seems to me.  This is, however, odd, because my suicide might serve as an example to my daughter and would lead to an absent parent, so i can't see that it would help.

The problem is, of course, that women have no duty to explain that statement, so i have no right to ask them to, and i'm left with an unresolvable mystery.  I really wish someone would though.

However, turn this round.  My approach to my gender dysphoria is that being male is an incurable disease, but in an ideal world i would be happily male, but how can i be happily male if i'm essentially a rapist?  I feel very negative about the fact that i feel negative about being male and it expresses itself in various ways, including sympathy with Janice Raymond's views.  Incidentally, whereas she has been accused of "transphobia", i remember her book as being remarkably sympathetic and positive, particularly the afterword.  But, what if i were gay and felt as negative about my sexual orientation as i now feel about being male?  It seems to me that that would make me homophobic.  I would probably feel the Westboro Baptist Church had got it about right.  From my current heterosexually-oriented asexual perspective, i am opposed to my own homophobia.  However, take that slight leaning towards heterosexuality away and make me gay, and it would become part of my self-hatred.  Doesn't sound good, does it?

The other aspect of this is whether transphobia exists.  It's impossible for reverse sexism to exist.  Someone might have a fear of, aha, i know, school, but there's no such thing as "school phobia" because that's a rational response to the institution of school.  Of course, the word "phobia" has a slightly different meaning here, but opposition to gender reassignment is not necessarily transphobia for various reasons.  However, making that kind of statement would be crossing a line, because it's judgemental.  So i can think what i like about transphobia being impossible, but still have no business imposing that view on anyone else.  So it's "no uterus, no opinion" all over again.