Saturday, 6 July 2013

Consult A Qualified Surreptician

I'm very used to having to sneak around and having to keep stuff secret because of who i am.  However, it's probably unnecessary because most of what most people do is ignored, possibly because we're all so wrapped up in ourselves.  Nonetheless i haven't posted the following video to Facebook at all, at least for now:

Click to tweet: .  I hesitated to upload this but here it is.  I'm working on lactation and am finally getting some help with it from other people - yay!  In the process of doing this, i'm taking oestrogen and have also now started using galactogogue herbs.  Anyway, this has led to some slight breast development, so i decided to see if i could fill a small bra.  I chose a T-shirt bra because of its adjustability.  It was also rather nerve-wracking to attempt this because i was afraid of being perceived as the wrong kind of pervert.  I have a couple of paraphilias but they don't include women's underwear, which strikes me as really creepy.

I may in fact have worn this inside out, but this is the first time i've ever worn a bra so it's understandable.  I found that the left cup was easy to fill - that's more or less entirely filled with my much larger left breast - but the right didn't quite make it.

The next stage, which i'm hoping to get help with, is to borrow a breast pump and try to stimulate the let-down reflex.

I really, fervently hope that my La Leche League contact comes up with the goods on the last point.  Otherwise i may be scuppered.  I can easily see her forgetting or something.  Here's hoping, anyway.

The weird thing about this is that although my mind is absolutely stuffed with paraphilias, bras are not one of them and i felt really, horribly self-conscious about buying one.  Forgive me, people who are into them sexually - you have nothing to be ashamed of, it's just one of those things and probably a very common one i should imagine - but i find the idea of bra fetishism about as creepy as you're likely to find my own paraphilias.  I'm really sorry.  Anyway, i eventually plucked up the courage and bought one, and so far the views are going up pretty fast (looks...five after less than an hour, plus another sub, though that may be unrelated of course).  That also means i'll have to follow it up, so once again, please, Isabel, remember the breast pump!

The next video, which will be made today, will be on the philosophy and theology of resurrection.