Sunday, 27 April 2014

Correctitude Politicale No Is Equal A Morality

Is plus que un sort de marriage "homosexuale".  Relativement bon sort is dos persons de sexes e genders identicals joinen sys vites.  Jo dise "relativement" por reasons que jo no vol discusser a ce moment.  Ma nonfortunatement, is un alter sort de marriage homosexuale.  In occasions certaines, people marrien a cause speren que sy homosexuality is mal e volen que disappear.  Tamben creden que va disappearer.  Ce is very improbable, naturalment.  Fortunatement ces marriages appearen a ster plus rares in ces dis.  Ma consider position de person que is "heterosexual" in ca situation (incidentalment, jo va changer ces verbs presentment a cause ces expressen concepts malment).  Co havet state deceivate, frequentment por annies multiples, e sy partner - sorry, I'm going to have to lapse into English and since I've resolved not to do that, I'll stop.