Friday, 18 April 2014

Practice Por Psych

Couple dis pasate, jo visitay amate que jo usay regarder frequentment.  Sy mama mora recentment, et jo havet expectate focus a ster super icest.  Bon, jo creday, a cause my proper focus is trop much super my proper problems.  Sans barricade, icest no fut case.  Peraventure icest fut a cause my amate vola a diser de alteres coses de mort de sy mama.

Portant, nos parlames de my transition.  Icest fut prime occasion que jo havet state regardate presentant in my role feminine.  Jo trove que co appeara no ster sympathetic a my decision, que me surprisa a certain extent.  Sans barricade, no is surprisant que hostility exist, et de quarter que co represent.  Icest is naturalment no just a cause chacke person is individual, et co is individual.  Co is entitlate a sy viewpoint et is a viewpoint que jo me mesem have tainate in pasate.  Havet dos themes actualment, o peraventure tres o quater:
  1. My transition fut regardate qua similar a paraphilia.
  2. My asexuality fut regardate qua sign de disease.
  3. My behaviour fut credate narcissistic.
  4. Jo fut nonable a escaper de sy view de me.
Naturelment, jo no icest regarday qua very promisant.  Ma plus tard, post que jo havet visitate, jo realisay que in fact ce interaction fut realment util.  Jo have mentionate previousment que nos totes viv in "tunnels realities":  nos exclude people que disagree advec nos et surround nos advec people que have views similars.  No case advec my amate.  Icest is plus bon et exactment manner co is supposate a ster.  In my situation co is particularment util, a cause in future proximal jo va haver consultation advec psychiatrist, et views de professions concernates advec me aidant son probablement suspicious et hostile a my long lines similares.  Por ce reason, is actualment idea very bon sy jo attempt a discusser ce subject advec co.  Is practice por diser advec doctors et cetera.  Sy jo pow co persuader, peraventure is possible persuader psychiatrist et alia que jo tain condition por que jo require diagnosis.

Havant disate icest, fact remain que my amate have requirements a cause de mort de sy mama, et jo have requirements no ster very obsessive advec me.  Is very difficult.