Saturday, 16 March 2013

Two For The Price Of One

They do say that you should seize opportunities and i'm wondering if there's one here:

Click to tweet: .  This is a bit of a departure from the usual routine, and it does apply more generally but it is actually addressed to someone local, which is a bit weird.  However, what i'm saying also applies to every vlogger.

From time to time, i get blocked on YouTube, not because i run out of ideas, however bad they may be, but because i want to make a particular video but am too shy to make it, and it distracts me from what i'm trying to do.  This is an example of that.

I often try to address people personally in videos as well as intending them for a wider audience because it makes them more meaningful, i feel.  However, on the whole i usually talk to people i know personally, as with the Big Science vids, or big YouTubers in the wider community, who are often thousands of miles away.  This is different.  I'm trying to talk to you because you are neither someone i know nor a stranger on the other side of the planet, but a stranger who is local.  Therefore, i feel a bit weird about this, but it's important to take risks.

I have my own story to tell for this channel, which is that when our children went to college, in order to avoid empty nest syndrome i started to make daily YouTube vlogs and other videos, which is what this channel is.  You have your own perspective and your own world, and when i watch your videos i see this neighbourhood through your eyes.  This is important because it's exactly the kind of thing YouTube is good at.  It's very easy to look at someone from afar whom you know you'll never meet and criticise or admire them, but quite a bit more scary to engage with a person who is a stranger, though only two degrees of separation from you, to make the same kind of approach.

So, this is sort of me trying to get over the hurdle of this video being in the way of other stuff i want to make for YouTube, but as it's blocking me and i ought to say something, i've put it out there.  Please do keep making vlogs because they're good and they show your inestimable value, and reveal the true complexity of the world on a personal level, which i think is really good!

I feel very nervous about this video, but nothing ventured i suppose.  Also, it was blocking me, which is interesting.  I've noticed recently that if i have an idea for a video which i really want to make but am nervous about, it makes it harder for me to concentrate on the ones i make in the meantime and they become a form of displacement activity on which i'm not really focussed.  Therefore, the sensible thing to do is to grasp the nettle, grit my teeth and just do it, so i have.  God knows what's going to happen now.  Probably nothing very much.

Having unblocked myself, i found it quite easy to make this:

Click to tweet: .  For some time now i've been puzzling over the nature of the GCSE syllabus, with its excessive focus on inorganic chemistry, aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis and concentration on the lighter elements in the periodic table, and i have now reached the inescapable conclusion that it was written by aliens.

Clearly the beings concerned do not have parental care or family life, so they're likely to reproduce asexually.  Nor are they individuals, so they must live as some kind of hive mind.  Like us, they use water, but the planet they originate from seems to be low in heavier elements.  Then i hit on the ideal candidate:  the Horlanians.  These are termite-like beings which reproduce asexually using a light inorganic compound found in the upper atmosphere of their planet and which therefore live in sky cities.  However, they do need water.  These are clearly the entities which wrote the GCSE chemistry syllabus and to be honest, i think they probably run the AQA.

This follows on from yesterday's blog entry of course.  It's yet to be public, although it's in the playlists and linked to in the other video.  This means i can now have a proper Sabbath without ending up sitting in church thinking about vids other than the ones on the screen.  It can be quite difficult to be truly offline nowadays.

That alien, incidentally, is a very early attempt of mine to draw a Martian.  It's kind of a companion to a M`ubv but is nothing like how i imagine a Horlanian looks.  Amazingly, up until i typed the above, the only place the word "Horlanian" appeared on the web was on this blog.  It's odd how many things i'd expect to be found through Google are in fact still obscure, and how easy it is to come up with nothing, easier for me than others in fact.

So, i suppose i just have to sit back and wait for nothing to happen now, which at least stops me from looking obsessively at the view count.  On that subject, my current view count on the Other Channel is now 480 523.  Vidstatsx forecasts that i will reach half a million on the 8th May.  This tempts me into making more videos for that channel, and in fact i now have a series, the hypnosis videos and a live action sequence in mind and almost did them today.  That's probably about nine more videos, and the scripts for the series are almost finished now.  If the two other hypnosis videos perform as well as the one that's there already, which incidentally is less popular than the Soundcloud versions of the others, it should get me well on the way.  It's had 5097 views in the past three months.  Taking the other two as the same, that gets me to 490 000 using those videos alone.  I've also just noticed it's got NINE thumbs ups!  NINE!  Someone else has a request too.  In fact, it's looking like i probably should go over there and do some more stuff in the next few days.  Ulp.  It's only fair to my subscribers though.

Oh yeah, something annoying:   the silicon video views were in single figures all day and comments on FB seem to indicate that people haven't been watching it.  I wonder how often that happens.