Sunday, 10 February 2013

Almost Gothic

Another title from the Fagen stable.  Anyway:

The "Love Triangle" theory, in which different kinds of love are seen as combinations of passion, intimacy and commitment.  These are:

Non-love - none of those features.  Pragma - pragmatic love with commitment and nothing else.  Ludus - playful love without commitment.  Storge - intimate and committed love without erotic passion as between family members or friends.  Infatuation - passion and commitment without intimacy - not a good one that.  Mania - obsessive love with passion and intimacy, prone to jealousy - not a fan of that either.  Eros - conventional romantic love without commitment but with kisses, hugs, sex and strong feelings.  Finally, agape - the jackpot, seen in a religious conception of God's love for human beings and the ideal relationship between committed couples, but perhaps non-existent.

This is the first in a daily series of videos around the theme of Valentine's Day.

This has yet to be published.  Yesterday's is doing OK, unsurprisingly, although had the previous video done OK instead of fairly badly, i wouldn't've been surprised, so i don't know what to make of that.

This is of course based on the triangular theory of love, for which i adapted this graphic from Wikipedia:

This model, which is of course utterly inadequate (what wouldn't be?), is a three-bit binary code based on intimacy, commitment and passion in no particular order.  It has something of a bias towards romantic love, i think.  Thought of that way, it can be summarised thus:

This should be the first in a series of seven, which i may cut off before the end.  The others will probably be on humanist wedding ceremonies, stalking, marriage, love in a broader sense, the consequences of a heart-shaped heart and i can't remember anything else right now.  I could've started earlier, and in fact never thought of it, but since the Chinese New Year intervened, which is entirely predictable, it couldn't be anyway.