Monday, 4 February 2013

What's Going On?

Something weird has just happened to my channel.  It jumped by four thousand views and the view count now seems to have frozen.  I'm confused about this.  I think there must've been some kind of nefarious activity to generate fake views, but it's not mine and i don't understand the motivation behind that.  It seems very like those fake blog comments which repeat what you've written, somehow.

Anyway, maybe this will stop me fixating on views, which would be a good thing.  I can think of various explanations:

  • They're left over real views which have been added after some kind of verification process.
  • They're overestimated views like the mobile overestimated views.
  • They're the result of something like a spambot.
The reason i don't think they're real is that they'd add up to a million and a half views in a year, and i know i'm not going to grow that fast.  It's weird and peculiar and i don't like it.