Sunday, 24 February 2013

Type 40

Yay!  Chameleon Circuit song!

Here's today's rather clunky effort: .  Doctor Who and the daleks are copyright (c) BBC Worldwide and the estate of Terry Nation.  No infringement intended.  However, the dalek itself was designed by Raymond Cusick, who died yesterday.  Supposedly inspired by a pepper pot, Mr Cusick was given a one-off payment for the design and apparently did not resent the arrangement, although reports differ.  In this video, i make a dalek model out of a small aubergine (eggplant), some cocktail sticks and olives.  Unfortunately, it does not go according to plan, and the Doctor's not there to save me.

Lots of people die in the winter.  Not only have Richard Briers and Roobarb guy died, but this morning i heard that Raymond Cusick, the designer of the dalek, has also passed on.  The weird thing about the news report was that they were talking about it as a "design classic" as if it were a Morris Minor, which in a sense it is, i suppose - a vehicle for disabled aliens.  Not that the Morris Minor is particularly aimed at the disabled.  Daleks are also less streamlined.

Back to the clunkiness.  I can't act for toffee and the software leaves something to be desired.  It was shorter partly for that reason but it has at least got an outro.  I need more energy in these videos.

Theintrostealer will probably be doing outros for my playlists, which is excellent.  I also thought it might be helpful to list the playlists on here, so here they are so far:

Blog Titles (a silly one)
Valentine Videos - A closed list about love.
Big Science Goes Global - these are currently for chemistry IGCSEs but will be widened.
Crossdressing - as it happens i object to terms like "transvestism" and "crossdressing" but people need to be able to recognise what this is about.  It's a bit like the term "homeschooling".  Speaking of which:
Home Education - again, even "Home Education" is the wrong term.  There's a video about that in this playlist.
Webcam Wednesdays - unedited videos made on a Wednesday when i'm short of time.
Becoming YouTube  - This is currently stalled because Ben Cook is only publishing fairly irregularly.
The 12 Days Of Christmas 2012 - this is closed.  It won't be going anywhere although i'll probably take the "2012" off soon.
Really Short Videos
From Handsonisbetter - a playlist of the content on the other channel which isn't a secret.
Videos relating to the Other Channel - Less said about these the better, though they might give you a clue as to what's going on.  It's not a secret, just something which isn't appropriate in social chit-chat really.
Herbalism - this is supposedly what i am, so here's some stuff on that.  It should grow quite quickly - for instance, i have a video on hair loss planned, plus one on cybernetics.
Religion & Spirituality - for my sins, i'm Christian, so i'm quite interested in that.
Tour Of The Solar System - videos made with Celestia.

That's it for now.  I wonder which vids are not on any playlists.