Wednesday, 6 February 2013


They ask me why I'm just a hairy guy...

Actually they don't.  It's probably one of those things people think is either typical or are too polite to ask about.  It's also within the range of what men normally do.  Anyway, i've planned to make a video about it for a long time and finally went for it today, partly as a response to Benia Zouras's video about Locks of Love.  Here's hers:

And here's mine:

I last had my hair cut in 1991, so in a way my hair is older than Charlie McDonnell.  In another way, it's very young because individual hairs only last about three years before being replaced by other hairs.

The reason i have long hair is threefold:  I have unsightly sticking-out ears which i want to hide, i am gender dysphoric and i think it's natural to have long hair and there must be a reason for it.  I last had my haircut just before my Masters graduation at Warwick and then let it grow out.  I am a little concerned about going bald.  If i did, i would probably shave my head, which would make me look like Kryten from Red Dwarf because of the shape of my scalp.  If i went grey, i would probably dye it a bright colour like Ninebrassmonkeys (who is presumably not naturally grey), although i'm not sure about red.

I feel a little guilty about never visiting hairdressing salons or barbers, because if everyone followed my example, they'd go out of business.  Conversely, i've saved a lot of money over the past two decades by never having my hair cut.

My attitude towards my hair also reflects my general attitude towards things because i really believe the choices are between never cutting your hair and shaving it off, though i wouldn't apply that to other people.  I'm not one for moderation in a way, and the state of my hair reflects that.

I sometimes feel that i should shave my head or have my hair cut for charity, as it would be a dramatic gesture.  Some people do that for Locks Of Love, a charity to give bald children hair, and even if you disagree with them, you could always have it shaved as a sponsored thing, but i don't do that.  I am perhaps too attached to my hair, which ironically is a form of vanity - odd in someone so ugly, i know.

Here's a link to Locks Of Love:

See you tomorrow.

I am probably too attached to my hair, and there's a weird dynamic which means that that very attachment is an excellent reason to have it cut, because as a sacrifice it would be all the more valuable, but i have a suspicion, or perhaps a superstition, that if i cut it, it would never be the same because it would somehow coincide with the moment i began to go substantially bald. 

Hair loss is associated with heart disease because both can arise from occlusion of capillaries.  As a result, recent changes in my diet are probably not good for my hair.  It's also the case that i rarely use the shampoo i make to prevent hair loss on my own scalp because the cobbler's children are always the worst shod - i'm not going to leave a bottle of hair loss prevention shampoo languishing in the bathroom when it can be sold.  The same applies to the ingredients.  Ergo, my hair is not completely intact, i suspect, though detached assessment is hard.

More anomalies on view counts, Although the "headline" view count is now apparently incrementing daily, some other total view count, can't remember which, is still lagging a couple of zagier behind.  I am going to look into the whole view count thing because all i know about right now is that 211 (AKA 301) business.  Clearly there's more to it than that.  Also, i assume the two-day lag in the analytics is connected to YT's need to verify views.  This has now assumed an interest for me beyond concern about my own view count.

Anyway, i should probably resolve to keep my hair.  Even if i am a reluctant herbalist, touting anti-baldness shampoo with a pate is not something one should undertake unless it's unavoidable!