Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bring On The Night

I'm not exactly sick of this because i can still think of many new angles, but it's probably not healthy to dwell on it too much, what with Nyarlathotep around and that:

Happy Valentine's Day!  But what about all you lonely people?  I used to be one of you and i've not forgotten.

One thing i dislike about Valentine's Day generally is that it prioritises romantic love over friendship, something i think is epitomised in the admittedly excellent film 'When Harry Met Sally',  SPOILER SPACE


which i think is ruined by the ending.  Not only does Billy Crystal effectively almost stalk Meg Ryan, something which is portrayed as pathological in 'Fatal Attraction' but perfectly OK in this fim because it's a man doing it rather than a woman, but romantic love is somehow seen as a step up from friendship, when it is in fact potentially quite a nasty thing.  It's exclusive, leads to self-absorption and is frequently centred around lust, although of course making love is at best an expression of love and a form of bonding.

The other thing is public displays of affection, something which annoys people and used to distress me, but which i do, and one reason is this:  i think it's important to signal to people that you are both in a relationship in order to nip nascent desires in the bud and avoid heartache for other people.  I'm perfectly aware that i'm ugly, but my wife is beautiful and people need to know she's mine, not because i'm possessive, but because i don't want them to be sad and frustrated.

It's actually really easy to think of Valentine-themed videos, to the extent that it's tempting to carry on after today but in fact it'd probably be a good idea to knock them on the head at this point.  Having said that, there's always the cardioid:

I have to admit it's very tempting to explore this shape in greater depth, and in fact i may not drop this until i've done that, which means tomorrow.  The cardioid also turns up here:

Now, i do have a bit of an idea about another video, namely "what would happen to someone whose heart was heart-shaped?"  To be honest, i'm not sure how far it goes.  The uterus is occasionally "romantic", as it's rather irritatingly described, so there's another one.  There's also the question of blood being pink, i.e. pink heart - pink blood, meaning it would probably be manganese based like Klingon blood allegedly is due to a complicated story about not being allowed to show blood on a particular film because of the certificate.  The details are presumably on Memory Alpha somewhere.  In fact, here we are:

Oxygenated Klingon blood usually appears red in a Class M atmosphere. However, in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Klingon blood appears pink/violet in one scene. The scene, as originally written, instead included green Klingon blood, though this was changed due to Vulcan blood commonly being said to be green. (audio commentary, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition) DVD) It is possible that Klingon blood is "canonically" pink in color, because of what Colonel Worf says in The Undiscovered Country regarding the difference in Klingon blood compared to Human blood (after Colonel West, disguised as a Klingon, is shot down). On the other hand, with the sole exception of Star Trek VI, Klingon blood has always been red in every instance that it has been shown, including in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek Generations, and multiple episodes of all of the Star Trek television series. 

(From  There's also this:

  However, love hearts are not reliably pink and are often boring old red.  So the thing to do would be to morph a heart into a cardioid shape and see what would happen.  I also think i'll insist on the great vessels being placed dorsally, since love hearts are not generally depicted as having veins and arteries coming out of them.

So yeah, maybe one more Valentine video, but we're getting to the point where it'll be in decline.