Friday, 26 October 2012

A blog without a video

This is how today went and why there's no video apart from the one which says there's no video, which isn't worth linking to now i've said that:

There are in fact two other videos, one of which is Liz's regular Friday poetry, partly on Doctor Who as it happens.  That's here:

The other one is the ad for the ebook, which was finished and uploaded yesterday.  You don't have to be that clever to find it but you may wish you hadn't if you make the effort.  I stand by everything in it but would prefer you to read all the non-fiction bits first.  It's a bit of a mess right now.  Firstly, it's an EPUB, not the most accessible of formats, for instance i think it's incompatible with Kindle.  Secondly, since i did the front cover myself, it's not too wonderful although it does at least stand out.  A couple of things went wrong with it - the Table of Contents doesn't work at all so it's a great big monolithic block of text which i aim to resolve ASAP, which sadly probably won't be very soon, and the front cover is for some reason the wrong shape in spite of me meticulously following the instructions, meaning that the right hand side is lopped off.  I've announced it in the requisite places which get me traffic on the other channel though, such as the channel itself and, so maybe i'll get some sales.

Anyway, all that was quite time-consuming so to most people it's going to look as if i've done sweet Fanny Adams all day, but in fact it was really hectic.  I also managed to relieve our financial situation somewhat, sorted out a stupid pre-ordering problem with Amazon and posted some herbs.  So it's OK.

Now look.  Please don't try to find the ebook.  I'm prepared for any flack but i need to concentrate on 'Here Be Dragons' now.