Saturday, 27 October 2012

Jimmy Savile again

I've held back on this because i didn't want to stir up painful memories, but the fact is that it occupies my mind so much that whenever i make a video it's at the back of my mind that i have said nothing about this even though it needs to be said and is really affecting me emotionally.  How to adopt the right tone though?  Anyway, i've now decided that i need to get this off my chest and so i've put this out there.  Here it is:

Of course i've gone on and on about this until everyone's sick of it and i didn't just want this to be about the CRB, so i've talked about other stuff too and in fact not talked about many of the reasons the Bureau is such a bad thing.  However, i still think it's an excellent way of illustrating one reason why it just can't work, and for the sake of the vulnerable as well as civil liberties, that's worth mentioning too.

It's rather difficult to think about this kind of thing for too long without wanting to vomit, so i'll stop now.