Sunday, 21 October 2012

A trip around our Solar System and a peek next door

The last Solar System video is up:

This covers the inner Solar System and then moves on to a few comments about Alpha Centauri and the newly discovered planet orbiting B, rather oddly named "Alpha Centauri Bb", at the end.  I plan to do a fuller video on Alpha Centauri later, but this is the final video about this Solar System.  It also forms part of a playlist constituting a tour of the Solar System, which is here:

I hope that including these videos in a playlist will make them more useful.

In the meantime, i've found that posting videos about religion to seems to get me a lot of views, but i'm pretty sure that's perceived as spamming, which reminds me of my own attitude to spam.  By contrast with what seems to be the majority of the population, i simply do not care about spam at all.  I don't hate it, although i don't read it either.  My main reaction to it is mystification about why anyone would bother responding to it, although presumably the one in a million who does makes it worthwhile for the spammer.  There is also an ecological issue to a limited extent as i imagine much space on servers is occupied by spam, leading to a waste of resources.

Spam, in fact, reminds me of the reproductive strategy followed by many organisms of bringing forth thousands or millions of offspring, nearly all of which die before maturity.  The few which survive perpetuate the species.  Were there an intelligent species with a culture which had this biology, it might even make sense for it to have schools as educational institutions.

Anyway, tomorrow's video will be yet another talking head about atheism.  I will return to herbalism and the rest after that.