Thursday, 4 October 2012

Two hasty videos

Yesterday and today have both been a bit hectic, with yesterday's regular visit to Loughborough and today's impromptu sally to Sapcote, which in fact i found quite picturesque, or as Liz would say, "pictureskew".  As a result i produced two videos rather fast, one of which didn't even get uploaded yesterday due to running out of time.  Here's the first:

I got YouTube to reframe this but i'm not sure i can tell the difference.  I was very self-conscious when i made this in case i did anything "wrong".  I feel confident that dispensing this way is fine but there are little finicky details about my dispensing which are not good to emulate and others which are not 100% perfect.  The camera also made me less accurate than usual.

Specific mistakes in this video include the fact that the measuring cylinder is not a regulation one (i.e. it lacks the Crown stamp) and i put the caps down unhygienically.  The measurements were also way out, although none of the doses were crucial for that prescription.

Here's the other, made today partly as a demo to Liz about how to do videos (though i'm very inexpert myself):

This one is OK but revealed that the actual plants we grow are exotic and unusual compared to the average weeds or even garden plants which most people grow.  The herbs in the front yard are mainly like others' but not many people grow black horehound or bistort.

As of tomorrow, Liz is going to start vlogging.  I think it may be wise to split the channels at this point.  I'm also thinking of putting links to this channel from videos on the other one.

Also, my new glasses may turn up tomorrow, which'd be good.