Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The second and possibly final procrastination

The design argument:

This doesn't work either.  However, in order to make it "not work" you have to posit the existence of parallel universes but for the bit about Earth being rare you just need to think things through astronomically.

The real issue with all of these is rather different and is more to do with adopting arguments to support a position one already holds for different reasons.  I tend to believe that this is what we generally do.

Update from today:  the Cosmological Argument, because once again the Alpha Centauri video has failed to come together, so you get another talking head:

In fact, over a minute of the Alpha Centauri video already exists but the trouble is coming up with graphics interesting enough to finish it off, which is to do with Windows 8 of course.  I had a nice lava field, which is now gone.

On a different subject, after demands for a print version of the ebook i have finally succumbed, but in my view it would be a mistake for anyone to buy a copy, so please don't!  I'm not even telling you where it is.  I have, however, succeeded in making it as boring looking on the outside as i could to avoid embarrassment, although of course it is purple. The entire point of it being an ebook was so that there was no physical copy of the thing to be discovered or hidden, but apparently people don't even care.  I think that's very strange.  Still, de gustibus non est disputandum i suppose.