Saturday, 13 October 2012

Interview with my godless offspring

My son, of course, is an atheist.  I too used to be one.  However, Liz and i are now long-since lost to atheism and have a cosmic imaginary friend instead.  Here's my interview with my son about his atheism:

Incidentally, this is the wrong upload.  There was a better version, subtitled all the way through, which was unaccountably smaller than this file and i naturally assumed it was the older version, wrongly as it turns out.  Anyway, there it is and there it stands.  The audio is also annoying, although comparing it to this:

reveals that it's at least partly due to my son not speaking more loudly.

Of course, it could be that this video is entirely staged and bears no relation to how my son and i really feel about the issue.  That's something you're just going to have to take on trust for now unless you find evidence in the video to the contrary.

An interesting comment, and also one some might find offensive, is that he describes the Gospel depiction of Jesus as "a hippy", which was certainly a cultural depiction of the figure popular in the late '60s and early '70s, and in fact one i would've agreed with at his age.  This is all, of course, socially constructed and the historical Jesus is very hard to reach and sketchy, as he noted, although interestingly he does in fact believe that there was such a historical figure.  This perception probably reflects what might be seen as our anachronistic lifestyle and values, although i would myself in no way regard myself as a "hippy" - i have long hair, but so do Rastafarians, for similar reasons.   However, hippies are a bete noire in my son's personal cosmos.

This video was primarily uploaded to demonstrate that we needn't be at loggerheads with each other just because one of us is theistic and the other atheist, or even, though this isn't illustrated here, theistic and anti-theistic.  I'm happy that there were several helpful responses underneath and plan to make more videos on this, for instance as interviews between myself and anti-theistic friends.  However, the main point of this is to indicate that there is no need for hostility between people whose beliefs differ, and that there's a stereotypical version of "Christianity" out there which both the New Atheists and a certain strand of people who call themselves Christian share.  They agree on what Christianity is.  However, in fact there are a whole load of people describing themselves as Christian who feel no sense of affinity with that belief system.

The technical difficulties with this video were considerable.  The sound is bad due to our positioning and distance from the camera and the subtitles disappear in the middle.  However, i'm keeping it up because it's got a response.  Could do better, i think.