Monday, 8 October 2012

Creationism is blasphemous

Here is an annoying video:

The reason this video is annoying, apart from the fact that it's annoying, is that the file size is unnecessarily large and that there's a glitch in the middle of it.  It is of course also deliberately provocative.  I've uploaded it because the previous video on religious matters, "The Bible Is Not Pro-Life", was liked by various people (though not in the sense of people coming along and clicking on the thumbs-up sign).

I really do feel that people find two big things off-putting about Christianity.  One is that we are perceived as being negative about sex, and the other is that we are seen as antiquated in our attitude to science.  This needn't be so, and it's a barrier to evangelism.  Of course, it can and has been said that if something is true, we shouldn't just cave in to how the world sees it and accept it for the sake of popularity, which of course is the case, but on the matter of Creationism, the problem arises because people think taking the Bible seriously is the same as taking it literally.  In fact, Biblical literalism is a new idea, dating back only a couple of hundred years.  I haven't covered that in the video, but might do in future.

By the way, YouTube went mad providing me with relevant tags on this video in a way i'd never seen it do before.  I wonder what this means.

The next video will, I hope, be an interview with Holly about her bilingualism or the lack thereof.