Sunday, 16 December 2012

...And Rest!

It's the Sabbath of course, so why am i even here?  Well, it's about rest.

I have decided to rest before publishing the next video, which i'll do this evening.  It's now at two hundred and fifty five, i think - hard to tell because YT does weird things with viewing stats.  The thing to do now is leave a bit of time so it doesn't get pushed off "Featured", or whatever it is that happens when you submit a new video.  However, i'm still trying to keep the pace up, which is about to lead to conflict with the season.  The answer to that is presumably to upload seasonal videos, and i have a few in mind along with the disquiet that what's seasonal to me may not be seasonal to everyone else.  Come to think of it, the 2012 phenomenon is exactly that.

The gap between videos may in fact contribute to the success of the Other Channel, although there's clearly a lot of other stuff helping there too.

Anyway, what's going on in Real Life, whatever that is?  The answer is that we're going to listen to Chris Conway on 't radio this aften, a musician friend of ours.  Here's his website whence you can download free music, but please don't just do that.  You can listen to him here from 2:30pm - he's being interviewed by another friend, which shows you really how small the City of Leicester is rather than how many famous people we know.

Secondly, there will be an interestingly similar live stream from Alex Day which will act as a bonding experience between Daniel and myself:

He's aiming to break the record for the most purchases in one hour.

Finally, this evening at Yesim's, i shall be making my first ever attempt to tell a story live in front of an audience.  It'll be 'The Nail Fairy'.  I have in fact done this kind of thing before but only on YouTube, such as this:

This is a bit of a mondegreen.

That's it - today's sorted.  Tomorrow will, i hope, see the nuts session actually happen.