Friday, 28 December 2012

Whoops I Did It Again

Right, so this:

is currently doing pretty well, running at 141 views only seventeen hours after being released into the wild.  It came to me on Xmas Day while i was messing about with the aforementioned nameless objects to which i refer in the title as "kazoos".  A real kazoo looks like this:

(the pinkish rectangle is to hide the other kazoo so i don't have to type an extra S).  The things in the video are apparently known as "party blowers", which strikes me as unsatisfyingly vague.  I wish they had a better name - maybe in German?

The above is of course reminiscent of this:

and also of this:

Clearly the key to popularity is to do something stupid, but that's fine because i'm quite good at that.

Of course, i don't particularly like the word "stupid".

And now for something completely different:

These are thumbnails of most of the videos i've uploaded to YouTube in the past six months or so.  Handsonisbetter is earlier but some of the Other Channel ones overlap timewise with the main ones.  The colours used for the backgrounds may interest some.  Is it a subtle reference if it's obscure though?  Or, is it a subtle reference if it's not subtle?  I have no idea because that would involve judgement.

Today's video is yet another in the twelve days of Xmas series.  It forms a retrospective of the year, including a small selection of the above videos.  Once again, it's a crossover with the Other Channel and includes bits of two vids from there.  Anyway, here it is, suffering from the annoying loss of saturation Windows Live Movie Maker seems to inflict on multiple saves:

I have one more sensible idea for a YT video in the "12 Days" series, and that still won't make twelve.  I need just one more idea, and i'll be done.  To be honest, i've found it a bit of a drag to make these because i've had several other ideas in the meantime and am raring to go with them.  Also, the commitment i've now made to responding to Ninebrassmonkeys' series makes that a bit of a struggle.