Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Intro and the Outro

..which is this:

has nothing to do with my outro, which is this:

...which looks really naff, but...well, you work it out - it's what it's there for.  The naffness is a clue.

People have said that my stuff is hard for them to watch, not due to its content but due to things like bandwidth and download quotas.  I'm not sure this is so, but it is in fact quite inspiring because it makes me want to do low-bandwidth but nonetheless good videos which make a virtue out of the necessity of small file size.

Coincidentally, one of my subscribers on the Other Channel, which on the strength of the above video you should now be able to locate, wanted me to email her one of my videos, or in fact lots of my videos, but it was too large, so i fiddled with it and found it was easily reducible.  I got it down to 8.6 Mb from 28 quite easily and emailed it no problem.  As it happens, it was this one:

Nice to be appreciated, i suppose.  Anyway, what this demonstrates is that i could quite easily reduce the size of certain videos, and if i was in fact to consider the question of what could be done to make a video intrinsically small, i would be able to shrink them further.  The above video is 644K in spite of being high-definition, widescreen and all that.  I'm still considering what to do about this.

Here's tomorrow's video, where i have a box on my head:

You have to try these things.  As Richard E. Grant demonstrated in 'How To Get Ahead In Advertising':

Although his box was better than mine.

As usual, i have plenty more ideas but no way of judging if they're any good.

Incidentally, YouTube has changed again and i got a copyright thingy on the video with the New World Symphony on it, so i've made it private and am trying to decide what to do about it.

Here's another Outro, this time by M83:

Bye for now.