Sunday, 9 December 2012

Patrick Moore and Reality Tunnels

I know i should just be making this for the sake of it, but it's hard to be spontaneous.

Timothy Leary originally coined the phrase "reality tunnels".  What he meant was this:

The person at the top and the person at the bottom spend their whole lives in tunnels.  In fact, we all spend our whole lives in tunnels of our own making.  We limit our interactions to people we agree with and polarise our opinions so they're simple, then we experience confirmation bias by selecting the bits of reality we agree with and ignoring the rest.  I am like that too, but i try not to be.  Some of my best friends have been people with whom i violently disagree.  So i made the video i posted yesterday.

Today, Patrick Moore died, so i did this brief and low-quality video about him:

He's a good example of the kind of person you would miss if you were not right-wing and stayed in your own reality tunnel, because you would probably decide he was an execrable individual.  I have my own issues with him, notably his homophobia and sexism, but i can also see him as a fantastic populariser of science and since i am very much taken by the fact that we all live on what Carl Sagan called a "small blue dot", i can forgive him that.

Tomorrow evening's video will be about bullying again.  Here it is - i have no plans to make loads of massive long videos every day:

And here's yesterday's (i need to make fewer talking head vids):