Thursday, 20 December 2012

Only The End Of The World Again

Since the previous video on the 2012 phenomenon was so successful, i made another on the same subject before the dreaded day itself comes.  Thus far, it's not doing as well, and there are multitudinous reasons why that might be so.  Also, i've lost a subscriber and i have no idea why.  The concept of "pity views" has now also occurred to me.

Anyway, here's today's video:

And here's the description:

In a way, it really should be the end of the old, rubbish, world. For one planet recently, it may really have been the end of the world.

It's not surprising that I don't think the world will physically end on 21st December 2012. However, it would be helpful to suppose it will because firstly, we will be happier about it not ending, and secondly, we could just decide that the old world is rubbish anyway, in the sense of the world we've made and what we've done to it, and make a new world anyway. So yes, the old world has ended and the new world is here.

The other thing about this video is the picture of the variable star V838 Monocerotis which was used as a hoax picture of Nibiru, the "Planet X" which was supposed to crash into Earth or something. The irony of that picture is that it may really have been a picture of the end of the world, just not this one. One of the theories about this is that the explosion was caused by a planet crashing into that sun, so the clouds which can be seen around it may include bits of vaporised planet, meaning that it really was the end of the world, just not this one. The star is called V383 Monocerotic and i have no idea why i called it VCV383 Monocerotis all the way through the video! Another odd thing about the explosion is that from here it looked like it was happening faster than the speed of light. This is because the light reflecting off the clouds got here in a different order than the one it left the star in. I realise, by the way, that once again i've messed up the explanation but in a different way than in the video.

Anyway, we should use this occasion to get rid of all the old rubbish in our lives and all the things we regret doing or not doing, and move forwards into a world we can make better. It should be like a super-new year's resolution.

There's a slightly different slant on this one from the last because unlike the Other Channel i'm not going to churn out the same old stuff time after time.  The difference here is the use of the variable star V383 Monocerotis, which i've now realised i called VCV383 all the way through because the VCV reflects the pattern of "383", another example of my mouth running away with me and saying things that come out of nowhere.  This is a star about 20 000 light years away in the Unicorn:

 which was observed to explode in the early 'noughties, raising the question of exactly what year it is now
20 000 light years away, or for that matter exactly what "now" it is.

The well-known image:

 was taken up a few years ago by some of the Nibiru people and used as if it was an image of the mythical Planet X expected to threaten us.  It's always struck me as odd that people were taken in by that as there seemed to be not one shred of evidence for it, although i suppose i believed Velikovsky's stuff.  When i was twelve.

One of the two odd things, though, about this is that it may actually be the end of a different world.  A possible reason for the explosion imaged above is that a planet crashed into the star.  Being a B-type star, V383 Monocerotis is just about cool enough to have a solar system and the impact of a planet, or possibly a star, could have just tipped it over the edge into exploding.

The other strange thing about the star is that the clouds around it seem to have expanded faster than the speed of light.  I could draw a diagram which i imagine explains this as i've now failed to explain it properly twice:

Er, well first of all this shows why it was a good idea not to illustrate 'Here Be Dragons'.  Second of all, i have no idea if this explains it either.  Each of those lines is the same length, though clearly the angle of incidence doesn't equal the angle of reflection so maybe it's in a universe where the laws of physics are different and the velocity of light isn't 299 792 km s^-1 anyway.  What i'm not clear about is if the paths taken by the light are different in the right way.  Clearly the photons on the outside are travelling away from us before they're reflected, and the further away they go, the longer it takes for them to come back, so they take a longer time to get to us the further away the reflections are, but that would surely mean they take longer than they would otherwise and the - no, i've got it, but i can't explain it yet.  Never mind.

Finally, i've set up a Facebook group called "Nineteenthly" for people to join if they want, just here:

I had to join people on my friends list to get it to work, so probably everyone reading this is already a member.  Since the only person who reads this is me, that's even more probably true.

So tomorrow i'll be talking about the end of the world one more time, then i'll move on.