Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Show Must Go On

We're approaching the end of 2012 and it's starting to look a lot like the Two Ronnies were wrong:

I can remember at the time focussing on 2012 and thinking that this serial was, well, rather sexist but also oddly non-futuristic, and this is still so, presumably to make it simpler.  It has its problems and its charm.  The secret police are particularly embarrassing.  A couple of years ago, the idea that home edders might escape to Wales reminded me of this, but more recently it's looking more like Welsh home edders might want to escape to England and even that the Scots might want to.

Anyway, there's been something like a five-day hiatus in my blogging due to Christmas, and in that time i've posted a number of videos, mostly on the theme of Christmas and the end of the world, with this exception:

This follows from another TV series of about the same time as the one above, namely James Burke's 'Connections':

This was inspired by the PSU doing the nasty and the computer grinding to a halt on Christmas Eve, though it turned out it was easily resolved, at least temporarily, by the removal of dust.  Note that it's also sepia, although no cuttlefish were harmed in the making of that particular video.

Today's video is just stupid:

Just an attempt to make a viral video, as it happens, probably a doomed one but you never know.

The Christmas Day video also went rather wonky:

Quite a lot is missing from this and i had to mute two clips due to royalty issues.  It gives the impression of having been made while i was drunk, which is ironic considering i don't imbibe alcohol and the two people clearly visible in that thumbnail are probably inebriated.

I have two major-ish projects coming up.  One is a personal retrospective on this year and the other is an "I'm Old" video, which again will be in sepia.

We will now contemplate the not-so-humble cuttlefish:

Yeah i know, how side-splittingly witty of me.