Thursday, 20 December 2012

One Of Those Posts Which Is A Bad Idea

This isn't going to get shared anywhere, but it is going to push a pointful blog entry off the top, which is bad and typical of me.

Kindly peruse this screenshot:

Guess where that's from!  It's also fairly typical.  Presumably someone could look for those names and find out what they were commenting on.  They are unlikely to have forgotten.

There's also this:

This is a scale-adjusted graph of the two channels with the vertical scale of the more popular one multiplied by 250%.  Since it's a shadow of its former self, it's now a lot less popular than it was a year ago and there is in fact now a little overlap in the two view counts, but only since the slightly viral lime green leggings vid.  The lowest view on the Other Channel is still much higher than the mean view of the other.  However, presumably at some point the views on there were quite low.  I should take a look at the start in fact.

And here it is:

It reached 300-odd views after about a month, then jumped again at the end of March before climbing steadily and crashing after exactly a year.  However, there were very few videos and they are uploaded only occasionally.  I don't think anything can be concluded from this.

The other metrics are also important of course.

Another thing about the first graph though is that it doesn't show any particular weekly or other fluctuations present in both, and i was hoping it would.