Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Breathing Space

...or is it "dead space"?  Due to the fact that i've uploaded and scheduled two videos which i stuck on here yesterday, there's nothing today, although my plan is to make one for Friday about something i've temporarily forgotten.

I have now stopped tagging.  This is because i've reached the conclusion that nobody reads this blog, including myself, so there's no point to it.  Presumably there are ways of getting more people to see it but i'm also of the opinion that i couldn't care less whether you read it or not.  It's not part of my core activities after all.  Having said that, it would be interesting if, as so often happens, my apathy is associated with greater readership.  The question therefore arises as to what the point of this blog is.  The answer is that it has no point - it's just that the browser's open and it's often easier to type in this space than it is even to open a word processor, let alone find a pen and some paper, and also cheaper than the latter option.

A few years ago, when i found out that people "kept diaries online", i thought it was insane.  Surely the point of a diary is that nobody will read it?  I still think it's questionable but here i am writing a blog.  Why?  Well, the answer is that i'm not paranoid enough to imagine that people are spying on me, or that if they are it matters.  It links in (oh, there's another pointless vacuous activity, forgot about that one) to the fact that there are millions of voices clamouring to be heard, recognised, admired, whatever, very few of which will ever succeed and even those that are, says my depressive and therefore realist cognitive triad, will be heard by chance and not due to any intrinsic merit.  Also, people have no influence so why should the government, MI-6 or big business care about what they're saying or stop it even if they see it as subversive?  The world is not like that.

Dead space then.  A couple of observations about the Other Channel.  One feature it has which nineteenthly lacks is that i only make videos for it fairly seldom.  This means that my vids have breathing space - they don't get pushed off "featured" after a day by yet another video.  The same phenomenon probably occurs on Facebook when i post frequently - stuff gets swamped.  Now i think this is the same kind of thing as my impression of vast periods of silence and unresponsiveness from people with whom i interact in real life, and it's why i deleted the wiki.  For some reason, people tend to be very quiet and passive.  Turning that round, i tend to be noisy, hyper and active, though not necessarily to much purpose.  I noticed this when i was a student.  Other students tended not to ask questions, not to answer questions and so forth, but i would.  Not necessarily very well, but i suppose it's my impulsiveness or something.  I also find silence very uncomfortable, so that may be why i do it.  However, i also try to keep quiet in meetings where women have not spoken until they have, and the problem is then that they stay stumm, and therefore i also say nothing.  I expect they're more comfortable with silence than i am but i still find it hard.  Maybe their silence is supposed to signal something to me, but i'm not getting it if that's so.

This is the main reason i dislike Twitter.  There seems never to be any feedback or response to anything i put on there.  I also have great difficulty understanding its point, but i think that's to do with my lifestyle because when i was out campaigning during the last General Election it proved quite useful, so it has a practical function which i suspect i miss as a result of how i live which is much more worthwhile to others since their lives and mine tend to be very different.  I linked my mobile to Twitter a fortnight ago and it has since to send me anything.

Just to note here in case i forget it:  7AA2's video will probably either be about reality tunnels or the burden of proof for herbalism.

And that's another thing about failure to communicate:  7AA2 means no more to anyone than the title of the whole blog - minus2909, which is of course linked, but somehow i managed to make it so obscure that it neither attracts readers nor communicates, even though i went into it quite some time ago.  Incidentally, by the older title scheme this entry is 7AA0, and no, those are not hexadecimal.

Also incidentally, yes this is egocentric but since no-one reads it, it makes no difference.