Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just when i though it was safe to ignore Twitter...

...i get a tweet from Lindsay Atkins!  Nothing very consequential, but it made my day.  In case you don't know, she's Charlie McDonnell's mum.  I know, i'm a pathetic fanboy.

As it happens though, this is the only time anyone has ever tweeted me.  I am tempted to see this as some kind of divine joke, but it wouldn't be good evangelism to say that because you'll all either agree with me or think i'm mad.

One thing i feel uncomfortable about is interaction with teachers.  A long time ago, when we started on this journey, teachers were almost unanimously sympathetic because they realised themselves what a huge struggle education became when people attempted to pursue it in schools.  To some extent, i think this attitude has now changed and i think this may be due to many of the best teachers being driven out of the profession.  I am therefore, as i so often am, in the difficult position of my "whole life" seeming like a self-righteous accusation to various people i meet, such as doctors and teachers (and hairdressers!).  The reason i'm like this is that with the exception of the Church of England, i tend not to work within the system.  This might be why i've never had a regular job.

Anyway, i felt that i needed to be friendly to Ms Atkins, or rather, use the idea of being friendly to her as a way of making a video directed personally to a teacher in a very I-Thou kind of way.  That's what this is about:

It veers off into bullying and once again it isn't edited, but i'm trying to edit videos less because of what Windows Movie Maker seems to do to them.

No tags again today - this is now a private diary.  I will put my thoughts on it but i'm trying to get away from the idea of addressing anyone here, which is the reverse of what i'm trying to do on YouTube come to think of it.  Also, apparently i succeeded in addressing a stranger on Twitter, rather surprisingly, so maybe i'm not just some insecure weirdo loner.  However, i'm not going to put really personal stuff on here because you never know, someone might read it one day, so there is some restraint.