Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Doctor, Doctor

I should probably explain this video because it's clearly quite unpopular:

Click to tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/_Z8tc .  Stethoscopes are - well, oddly named for a start for an instrument you're not supposed to look through.  But besides that, they have a history involving increasing distance between doctor and patient while the casual distance between members of the public was shrinking elsewhere, and a minor subculture of their own rather like a dress code.

Leaving all that aside though, they are useful diagnostic and educational tools, used for the auscultation of the heart, respiratory and digestive systems, thyroid and elsewhere.  They can be used to assess thyroid dysfunction, borborygmus, heart murmurs, other heart problems and diagnose a host of other health problems as well as auscultation of normal, physiological phenomena such as the mammary and placental souffle, sinus arrhythmia and splitting of the heart sounds.

Two views so far.  I made this for two reasons.  One was that the lung volumes video is quite popular (this one:

) with six hundred views.  The other is that like this video:

it was basically the only video i could really make in the circumstances.  Lack of time meant that my immediately prior activity was getting ready to examine and actually examining a patient's cardiovascular system, so it was at the front of my mind, in spite of which i somehow managed to forget the other positions than supine while i was making it.  Nevertheless, i think it's worthwhile along the lines of it being educational for people who want to learn how to perform physical examination.  One of the reasons i'm putting such videos up is to overcome medical mystique and help people to help themselves.  I realise i haven't gone into much depth on the cardiovascular side of things, but one thing at a time, eh?

Tomorrow is of course our china wedding anniversary, so it'll be on marriage.