Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Doctor Who

That was a no-brainer.  So:

Click to tweet: .  I think the next Doctor Who should be Joanna Lumley, because she would be female and older, both of which would be great.  She's already played the Doctor, though for laughs in 'The Curse Of The Fatal Death', and also played action heroes such as Purdey in 'The New Avengers'.  'Sapphire And Steel' also shows her playing a very similar role to the Doctor in a series which attempted to strike the same tone.  Nowadays, she would also be an older woman.  In-universe, we already know that a twelfth regeneration is supposed to be the final one but they are likely to ignore that.  In classic Who, this has been dealt with before by the Master taking over the body of Tremas.  There is an opportunity for a fantastic plot line where the Doctor ends up reluctantly taking over his companion's body to save her life at the end of his twelfth regeneration, which i think should be taken.

Although i stand by what i say, i still think there's no chance it'd ever happen.  Also, it's a bit unclear because i'm partly envisaging what would happen in the regeneration after next rather than whatever's about to happen.  Incidentally, i think the Valeyard is involved.  I'm also virtually certain they'll just ignore the twelve regenerations thing without explaining it, or if they do, they won't make a plot point out of it.  Maybe the Doctor just prefers to be male for some reason.  Romanadvoratrelundar regenerated in a wide variety of forms and seemed to have control over her species, so why is the Doctor always a white male?

Tomorrow will of course involve two videos.  The non-pregnancy one will be different than usual.