Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nobody Home

Or maybe, 'Is Anybody Home?'.

The channel has been on automatic pilot for the weekend.  This is a little worrying but it's also interesting to see how it performs without my intervention.  There's a two-day lag though, so the results aren't properly back yet.

So, the past few vids look like this:

(I hope that fits in).  The penultimate video on this list has eleven views.  The final one has two, which is annoying as i put a lot more effort into it.  'One God Fewer?' was recorded in a tent this morning and will be published on (8007).

This brings up the major issue of today, within the context of my own little world.  Today is (8000)!  Since this is the closest i currently have to a diary, that deserves commemoration here.  I should probably try digging out the first entry.

Someone else expressed surprise that my videos are so unpopular:

To be honest, time probably won't make much difference.  Here's the monthly trend since last July (or whatever it's called):

(The last figure represents an incomplete month).  At first, this looks like good news.  However, look at May.  It's fewer than June in spite of being a day longer, so whereas at first this looks like a cheerful slope upwards, it could also be that i've peaked and am now in decline.  Given current trends, i should expect 6885 (decimal) views this month - oh, incidentally i was wrong about the 8000 date.  April has 7515, May 7433, so given the decline expected between May and June, i should be completely unwatched by about July next year.  However, since i'll probably be dead by then it doesn't matter.  It's a shame my channel hasn't been more of a success, but death means letting go of everything, so i should probably let go of this as well.  It's still a shame i waste so much time on it though.