Monday, 24 June 2013

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme.

Primarily the antepenultimate.  Something is affecting my mood, and that may be it.  I've run out of Trifolium pratense and have had to resort to the annoyingly antihidrotic Salvia officinalis.  Today's video has yet to be made, but right now i'm seeing things from the underside and it all seems pretty immaculate, to be honest. I feel like i'm putting in all of this effort and have nothing to show for it.  My hair and fingernails grow faster than my views and subs.  I feel like i'm trying to cross the Atlantic at that velocity.  Geological scales of time are necessary to detect substantial change.  Nor is it exponential.  There's just a very gradual linear progression, if that, and judging by yesterday's figures, the peak was last month and now i'm on the way out. I'm not sure if things work that way.  There is clearly a half-empty thing going on, but daily views are currently at the highs of six months ago, which sounds OK except that i have three times the number of videos and many more subs, so that's actually worse per viewer or video as a mean, although of course the latest videos are always more watched.

I need to know more about rhetoric.  For whatever reason, i'm currently focussing much more on the human interactions between people than the things.  I'd like to pin down what's going on in that it may be psychosomatic, or rather, psychopsychic, but it's there.  Rather more hinges on this than usual because the truth would almost certainly be relevant to difference feminism.  If i really am changing my perspective on the world pharmacologically through the stimulation of my oestrogen receptors, and if it really is becoming more anthropocentric, that's a major paradigm shift for me, or at least a vindication.  I also wonder about my endocrine system.

On with the videos though:

Click to tweet: . Drugs can be "recreational" or therapeutic, although the recreational variety can also be seen as self-medication. Recreational drugs can be further divided according to legal status. Because they are more widely used, legal recreational drugs cause more harm than illegal ones. These include caffeine, ethanol and nicotine. Drugs with more restricted legal status include heroin, Cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD and other hallucinogens.

A purified drug works like a key in a lock, the lock being the receptor for the drug, which is rather like a sensor. They can be defined as substances which have an action on the body, although this is such a loose definition that it could be applied to a granite boulder falling on the head. Extending the key analogy, some drugs unlock the locks and others get stuck in the locks and prevent them from unlocking. Caffeine, warfarin and coumarin are in the latter category. Other "keys" work better than the real key, one example being heroin, which is more fat-soluble but would be digested if swallowed, rendering it no more effective than morphine, so it has to be injected. This leads to the major problems of the introduction of foreign insoluble matter into the bloodstream along with various substances which don't belong there and unsafe methods of injection.

Dependence, or addiction, is caused by the drug leading to the body becoming "lazy" and relying on the drug, a possible problem with Echinacea for example. This means that when the drug is no longer available, the body has trouble readjusting.

This is all rather a sketchy view of drugs, so i'll make a more complete one later. Sorry about that.

I think what i may have done here is confuse AQA IGCSE Science with Biology.  Also, this feels incredibly light and sketchy to me, but maybe it's because it's so much my home territory.  It feels like i'm saying nothing new at all.  I'll have to have another go at this because of its lack of substance.

Tomorrow, i think i'll add to the Aliens playlist.