Thursday, 13 June 2013

Start Me Up

It so happened that yesterday's video has turned out to be quite popular.  I'm going to conclude from that that medical examination and physiology videos do well.  In the meantime, someone has asked me for one on whooping cough, so that's tomorrow's.

Here's today's:

Click to tweet: .  Microsoft, XBox One, XBox 360, Sony, Nintendo, Wii, Apple, Windows, Vista and all other brands and trademarks appearing and mentioned in this video are the intellectual property of their respective owners and no infringement is intended.  Fair use justification is their inclusion for review purposes alone.  This video is not monetised.  The rumours about the Microsoft XBox One have worried a lot of gamers.  Specifically, it's said that current plans include no backwards compatibility, being online all the time to prevent games being rendered permanently inactive, not allowing games to be passed on more than once and a Kinect sensor which detects facial expressions and heartrate along with a microphone, all of which could hypothetically be used to invade privacy and target advertising.  This really reflects Microsoft's drift towards a licencing model for software, where software is not owned by its users but merely rented.  However, i feel the rumours may be disingenuous on their part as it may be presented in order to make people feel that their real position is more acceptable.  It really comes to something when Microsoft are more controlling than Sony.

Unlike most people, i actually quite like Windows 8 because its system requirements are lower than 7's or Vista's.  My impression was that Microsoft had made this decision because the recession meant people were less likely to buy new or more expensive PCs or tablets but might consider buying a new O/S.  In that sense, it was quite a sensible decision.  By the same token, the decision regarding the XBox One seems very unwise.  Breaking backwards compatibility, insisting on a reliable internet connection, not allowing games to be passed on and charging over £400 for a console during a recession is very silly and surely must fail.

This whole thing is also a form of usury.  Thomas Aquinas saw the moral repugnance of usury as being based on the fact that it involves charging for the use as well as the purchase of something, which is what this does.  This is also practiced in banking and is a good reason why that might be considered immoral.

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I've never mentioned gaming before, even in deleted videos.  The closest i've come is Windows 8.  I also feel this video has left a lot unsaid, so there may be more, but not before one on whooping cough, which is rather pressing.  I'm annoyed with myself that i said Augustine instead of Thomas Aquinas.  I probably didn't make the best of the XBox 360 either, and i've gone in a weird direction with it.

I eventually managed to make a pregnancy video today but i feel sort of inhibited about it.  It has yet to be uploaded and i may give it another go.  Somehow i can't quite hit the spot because of self-consciousness and it gets quite uncomfortable.  I'm also getting notes together on male breasts because the question of whether or not i have gynaecomastia is currently doing my head in completely.