Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy Birthday

(The Altered Images version of course).

The following video was made a couple of minutes after i got up and before i had my daily caffeine fix:

Click to tweet:  .  This is a webcam video, unfortunately, for National Diabetes Week.  Sorry, it's Sarada's birthday today and i ran out of time.

That should explain why it's like that.  Yes, today Sarada is four dozen and eight so i have but little time, though i'm also aware of the need to talk about diabetes during National Diabetes Week and this is the only chance i have to cover that, so here it is.

I will very probably return to the subject soon though.  Tomorrow has to be a spirituality vid, so that's what it'll be - probably on something around the subject of the Sea Of Faith, with which i disagree quite strongly but at the same time admire as an intelligent approach to contemporary issues of religion, as opposed to the joint approach of Dunnett-style atheism and Christian fundamentalism, which basically agree on most things.

Here are a few of my plans:

8020 (i think):  Something around the Sea Of Faith movement.
8021:  A Big Science biology video.
8022:  Dunno.
8023:  Webcam Wednesday.
8024:  Something crammed in around the pregnancy vlog (geddit?)

And more specifically on subjects, there's Sanskrit, more detailed information on cardiac auscultation, the long-awaited (by me!) twerking to Heidegger video, and so on.  Right now, everything has fled my mind, but it's all in there.  Oh yes, something on arthritis.