Monday, 3 June 2013

Grace Kelly

Right, here's today's:

Click to tweet: .  Life on this planet is parcelled into a number of Russian doll-style boxes, each containing several more.  The top level is the kingdom, followed by the phylum.  There are eight major phyla:  porifera (sponges), cnidaria (jellyfish, sea anemones and hydras), flatworms (planaria, tapeworms, liver flukes), roundworms (including threadworms - roundworms outnumber all other animals put together by far), segmented worms such as earthworms, arthropods (insects, arachnids, crustaceans and such like), echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and sea lilies) and chordates (vertebrates, lancelets, sea squirts and salps).

There are also a number of minor phyla, which are higher in number than the major ones.

There's a lot of bombing about in this one because i'm trying to keep it interesting and energetic.  It's the first time i've stuck stills into this style of video unless you count the animation in the dalek one.  Unusually, this actually turned into a real Big Science session with yer actual people in it, so that was good.

I'm somewhat tempted to talk about Sanskrit or Indian materialism tomorrow.  However, due to the grey speckled walls approaching on Thursday, i probably won't because i will probably end up recording the preg vlog.  On the subject of which, people see what they want or expect to see but i may be one of those people.  Looking at the above thumbnail, i see what look like moobs and i'm pretty sure they weren't there at the start of April.  If they are in fact there, it could be that they've been there all along, or that they are not hormonally related.  Other things:  bloody hell, bust measurement is complicated and some kind of weird mindgame, isn't it?  Amazing how something so common is also something about which i've been completely unaware for my entire life.  I mean, look at this:

and this:
Then there are the layers of confusion which seem to be purposely piled on top of those equations.  There is still something weird going on with patriarchy and women's clothes, but i can't work it out partly because i can't decide what a male bra would do to female breasts.  Male bras are supposed to conceal breasts of course, but what would that do to circulation and the general health of a much larger organ?  I'm already aware of the cancer risk posed by bras - wouldn't that make it worse?

In other news, analytics.  Sarada has been worrying about readership of her blog.  What i'm wondering is whether vlog stats behave like blog ones.  I think they've probably got little in common at all but i told her about my usual stuff - tentpole, topical stuff and the like.  Not that it gets me anywhere.

Somewhat more encouragingly, my "Wear Purple or Violet for a Genuine but Undisclosed Reason" video is possibly going to inspire people at the YT gathering in Blackpool to do so, as it's on 30th June.  Here it is:

It's very old by today's standards.