Thursday, 27 June 2013

Jennifer, She Said

I really must change how i entitle these entries - it's getting very confusing!

In the meantime:

Click to tweet: ,  This is a response to Bryarly Bishop's video here: .  Basically, so far as i can tell, when i was "on the market" relationship-wise, there was no concept of the Friend Zone, but certainly it did seem to happen.  My attitude to relationships was totally different.  I decided that i needed to know someone really well as a friend first before i even thought about the possibility of a relationship with them.  This was because i couldn't see any way of deciding how i was compatible with them without this - otherwise it would just be based on physical attraction, which struck me as shallow (although there is a big but here which i'll go into some other time).  I also think people need to be comfortable with each other for a relationship to work, and that can best be achieved through friendship.  However, this strategy turned out to be an abject failure.  My first relationship was initiated after i'd known the person for about a year and a half, and it didn't work at all.  We both found it really stressful and horrible.  The next one was with someone i hadn't known before and was also pretty disastrous, partly because we didn't know each other.  Finally, my marriage was with someone i'd known for three years and has proven very successful.  So that last one is definitely a relationship that grew out of a friendship and has worked.

I can see that the kind of relationships which might develop between people who are friends could be problematic because they may be sibling-like or friendships and then need to be negotiated, but i still think it's worthwhile doing that.  It worked for us, so why wouldn't it work for other people?

This is the first time in ages i've deliberately made a response video.  I hope it stands alone because it's unlikely Bryarly will pick up on it and even if she does, it'll probably get swamped by all the other responses. I think i've probably just thrown away a day, but on the bright side i got it sorted before i even got up properly.  if you look closely at this:

it's apparent that i'm not wearing anything underneath the hoodie (and that i'm shaving my chest).  This is because i got up, pulled on a tracksuit and went and bought some coffee at an all-night supermarket immediately before making the video, meaning that it was all complete by 7 am.  This is also why the intro screen still has the "grow your own breasts" thumbnail on it.  This probably isn't going to help my chances of having my response approved one little bit.

Incidentally, i can't stand this hoodie because of the mock neck.  It makes me feel permanently uncertain about how much to zip it up, so i just use it as something to wear instead of getting arrested for indecent exposure.  It's equally annoying that it's branded "ELLE", because it just is unisex and sticking that pronoun on it is ostentatious genderisation, which is equally annoying come to think of it.

Anyway, enough of those trivia.  These trivia are more important to me:  i am either definitely developing breasts or definitely getting better at deceiving myself into thinking i have them.  I have a few concerns about all this.  Firstly, i'm wondering if it'll enlarge my prostate, cause obesity or lead to blood clots.  Secondly, i can't decide whether i ought to be wearing a bra.  I'm mainly concerned that shop assistants will think i'm the wrong kind of pervert.  I want to try wearing a bra because i think it might work in holding the things up, but also think bras are probably not a good idea in general for the physical health of the breasts.