Friday, 21 June 2013

The Harlem Shake

If i say much about this, it'll make it worse than it already is, so:

Click to tweet: .  Martin Heidegger was the foremost twentieth century proponent of existentialism and phenomenology, but is for some reason less celebrated than Jean-Paul Sartre.  It's impossible to do justice to him in a five-minute video, but i've tried to here.

Heidegger saw the fundamental problem in the history of Western thought from Socrates and Plato onwards as being the confusion of Sein and Seiende, or of Being and beings, in that there had been a universal mistake of identifying a single set of entities or a single entity with being or existence as a whole.  In order to ask the Seinsfrage, the question of the meaning of being, we need to be able to frame it appropriately.  Once this has been done, the answer seems to be that our life is given meaning by our limitation and the inevitability of our death.

I can, however, say something about the title of this entry, among other things.  Firstly, the Harlem Shake fad, which of course i ignored.  Though i had no interest in jumping on the bandwagon, i couldn't've done even had i wanted to due to the difficulty of filming myself over and over again and compositing it.  I simply have no idea how to use the necessary software and lack the time to learn.  This is one problem with uploading daily videos.

This has also been jokingly described as pornographic and has revealed that there's someone called Rachel Heidegger, of whom i'd not formerly heard.

I feel i have somewhat misrepresented Heidegger in this, but think that's almost inevitable. Then again, well, er...

Regarding the twerking, i'm sure it's rubbish but that probably matches the incompetence of what i'm saying about Heidegger anyway, so that's probably quite appropriate.  A bit of background music wouldn't've gone amiss.  This is also the longest-planned video on this channel.  I think i came up with the idea sometime last autumn.  However, as usual it's not well-executed.  I keep feeling i'm really close to making good videos and falling slightly short, and it's not even that i don't know what would improve them - i just don't do it.

There will now, of course, be a short intermission caused by our visit to Dovedale.  However, i'll be taking the camera, perhaps ill-advisedly, well wrapped-up, so there may be some videos from it and if not, well, there'll be a new camera presumably.  As to how that will happen, i'm keeping stumm.