Friday, 4 January 2013

Goin' Out West

Apparently.  Anyway, here's this:

The D thing:

I probably shouldn't put anything here.

OK, so it's an old joke, but obviously only about a dozen years max.  Why is it there at all?  Well, i hadn't got enough time to put together a more sophisticated idea so i decided on this instead.  It is of course far from tent-pole, so no change there.

Also, there has finally been a bit of movement on 'Here Be Dragons'.  I'm going to email the document to the person interested in illustrating it and relinquish control over it, but also am considering inserting blank rectangles so that readers can illustrate it themselves.  Moreover, i'm going to upload a PDF of the book as it stands right now to Scribd, having vetted it for personal references.

Other book-related plans:  revise 'You Could've Thought Of That', which incidentally is something i've had in mind for quite some time but is not a priority because i'm not expecting to sell any more, not because it's not good but because i can't market it further without money, whereof i have less than none if HMRC have their way; put together a second anthology and acknowledge that it was me that wrote it this time; finally make the dodecahedral atlas of the Solar System.

In the meantime, i posted this as an example of a sound effect from the Other Channel:

The video here is beside the point - it's just there as pretty pictures and is poorly timed.  This is one of the sound effects from the animation i'm making over there, the others of which are now thoroughly mixed into the audio track and no longer exist as such.  An explosion is, however, less likely to be mixed with other sound effects.

I now need a "ka-ching!", but that's another story.