Saturday, 5 January 2013

Imagine Dragons

Cheated there, didn't i?  Also, i've not knowingly heard a single track of theirs.

Today i was scared in the now memetic way, so i did this:

(which is currently a grey rectangle from this blog's perspective and to be honest there's little point in there being a thumbnail as this is really addressed to people in the know).


This is mainly addressed to the people who are peed off about what i did about 'Here Be Dragons', whose rather chaotic unfinished draft is interred here:

Basically, i annoyed people by my decision to abide by the deadline.  I feel guilty about going back on my word and releasing this monstrosity to the public, but i think there's probably not much choice about it, so i have.  My plan is now to publish a paper version of the book, but printed in black and white with spaces in which people can draw their own versions of the beasts.  I don't know how long it'll take me to do this because it probably needs a lot of cleaning up as well.

Also, i very probably will organise a free giveaway of the paper version of the book as part of a subscriber drive at some point in the near future, probably as a sort of prize draw.

The question now arises, of course, of what the other video was going to be about, and having delayed it i now present myself with a problem because if i don't get it out of the way by tomorrow i'll be distracted in church, which i really don't want.  I suppose one answer to that might be to make a completely different video for tomorrow than the one i planned for today.  I am getting to the point where i am procrastinating making videos because i expect them not to be seen.

In other news, i have bought a sharpie and am reviewing various images which i plan to trace so i can include them in the animation, so that's going well.  I expect that to be seen.  I think one reason the Other Channel is more successful is that it was not subject to the video deletion policy and was therefore able to build up a following before YT did whatever it was they did last April.  Rather than bemoaning this, i suppose i'll just have to make the best of it.  It seems unlikely that i'd either be able to change the tone of the Other Channel and retain my audience or get them to subscribe to the "main" one, so i'll just have to live with it, i suppose, until i can find some kind of solution.  It is, however, the case that many people over there are loyal.

Another rather annoying phenomenon can be illustrated by these two graphs.  Here is the viewing performance of the penultimate video over there:

and here's the viewing performance for a video uploaded on the main channel at about the same time:

So this video, which is clearly much less popular than the other, hasn't been watched at all since about the 3rd December, whereas the other one has never dropped to zero views per day and has to some extent recovered.  However, the first day only brought about twice as many views of the first than of the second.  However, there are also videos on the Other Channel which show a steady rise from the start which just keeps climbing.

Just to reiterate:  my book is now available as a PDF here:

Just done the arithmetic on it, and it works out at £12.70 as a black and white book, so it's viable i think.