Monday, 14 January 2013

Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving...

I'll do it in a minute.

For now, there's this:

Optimised for 16:9, obviously - sorry.

This took longer than usual and screwed up at the end because of Windows Live Movie Maker, which seems to dislike splitting video files too much.  I guess this is because of key frames getting lost.  However, in this case it led to the usual problem of a twice-saved video file coming out milky, i.e. with greater value and less saturation.  This strikes me as odd because, like the "inverted" video, the nature of the change seems to make more sense in the HSV colour space than the RGB one, though maybe there's a straightforward relationship between the two i can't see.  This has of course made me curious.  Anyway, here's the doobleydoo:

The site itself is here: - look at galaxies nobody's ever seen before and classify them.
Write your name in the stars here:
Zooniverse: - the other projects i mentioned.

Galaxy Zoo was started in 2007 to help astronomers identify and study galaxies, as there were too many for an individual to examine.  They're quite easy to identify - spiral, barred spiral, elliptical or irregular - and the friendly community around it has made new discoveries such as Hanny's Voorwerp, named after its Dutch school teacher discoverer and previously lit by a quasar, and "green pea galaxies", which are small (about 16000 light years or less across) greenish galaxies which are that colour because of the ionisation of oxygen atoms in them.

If you're not interested in Galaxy Zoo, i don't really understand why.  No offence, but it's awesome!

I also took advantage of the ability to separate the soundtrack and video by inserting stills without breaking up the audio, though this required careful timing.  I also made a transition at the start which was supposed to be a page turning but wasn't much good, and was also supposed to be a transition from the thumbnail, which i decided to change because the originally intended thumbnail, which was "Write your own name in the stars" written as galaxies, was rather inconspicuous.  As a result, the thumbnail was as above.

One graphic i'm fairly happy with is this:

However, the borders around one of the photos is rather obvious and repeated several times.

I also had to splice in a still lasting an entire second when i would've preferred to composite it, but i can't manage that yet.  Right now, compositing is a major priority for me.

I also got a webcam today, which i'm planning to use for tutoring.  I'm rather worried about dust though.

Oh yeah.  About green wireframe graphics used in videos:

This video tempts me to discuss my current project on the Other Channel, which is quite labour intensive and involves something similar to the graphics on the Galaxy Song, but i'm not going to talk about that.

I'll probably talk about drugs tomorrow.