Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lily The Pink

Two more queries over commercial content which i've not really understood.  The Aunt Marge video got one, but so far as i can see that's just an extension of fandom and my review of the John Green book didn't get one.  The "ums" video, which wasn't even listed, also got queried and unless that's because of the spine of 'The Fault In Our Stars' being visible, i have no idea why that happened.

Rather more brightly, this:

is rather blue-looking, and has been approved, probably automatically, by Wheezywaiter, as a response to this, his video:

So that was good, even if it was without his intervention.

The doobleydoo (a word i must learn to spell) for my contribution is:

This is a response to Wheezywaiter's 'Trying To Make The Good Stuff', though it also stands alone.

It's about why i became a herbalist.  Basically, many years ago, a friend of mine went vegetarian for reasons of tropic levels and this persuaded me to go veggie myself.  Later on, i went vegan, and in order to ensure i stayed healthy, i did a lot of reading up on diet and nutrition.

A few years later, i was looking for a career which i could believe in and was fulfilling, and chose herbalism because it was self-sufficient, ethically very positive, interesting and could not be undermined by skepticism to the same extent as other complementary medicine might be.  I was also attracted by how practical it was, over which it scores considerably compared to my "main thing", which is philosophy.

The main drawback with it is that i can't really make a living with it, although ironically i am now better at doing that than i was before i abandoned the idea of doing that!

As i said, i was careful not to make it simply a response to his own video, but as it happens he was also quite helpful and thoughtful in making that choice because it is in fact quite easy to fit into what i'm doing, and this is probably also true of other people's stuff, so that was well-considered.  It's part of his "secret poject" (sp?) as it happens.

Tomorrow's video is also ready, since it'll be Sunday.  Here it is:

My plans for Big Science.  I intend to continue using this channel as before - there will not be major changes.  However, i also plan to add content which covers the kind of subject which is covered in the explicit curriculum of secondary schools, in particular science and maths, with demos, graphics and animation, and to back this up for anyone who wants it via webcam.  This does not affect Big Science.  I will still be doing Big Science sessions as normal, because there's no substitute for hands on.  Even so, on the one hand there is plenty of really excellent quality content on YouTube for educational purposes at secondary school level, but on the other, there should also be face-to-face support for this material, so the idea is that i will be doing both.  There's also a little bit about snow in this video, which is one of the factors which makes Big Science hard to manage on occasion.  I will also, of course, still be uploading documents to Scribd to support the rest of the project.

The materials on here will of course be free, as will the Scribd content, but i plan to charge £2 per family (not per child) per session for what i do via webcam.

Also, i'll continue organising uploads into playlists so that people can easily find what they want.

The sound is rather messed-up on this one, unfortunately, and i ended up doing a voiceover with some of it.  Also, having in mind YT's attitude towards the commercial content, i bleeped or otherwise omitted references to Skype.  I like how blue it looks, which is accidental and due to the snow.  It would be interesting to make it even bluer.  Sadly, it probably means it won't stand out, but i'm sort of talking to my own lot here, so i'm sure it won't get a load of views but that matters not one jot.  I am, however, hoping that it'll be seen by the people by whom it's likely to be perceived as relevant.

I am transferring skills here, because if i do manage to animate and provide graphics, i'll be using what i've learnt on the Other Channel, which is good.

Just tried to draw a graph freehand, incidentally, which would've appeared below, but it was too fiddly and i've changed my mind.

I still have to do a good thumbnail for tomorrow's video.

Oh yes, there's also this (which is obviously not mine):

Lily the Pink's medicinal compound is in fact the kind of thing i could whip up easily in the front room.  The rather flimsy reason for the title of this blog entry is that it's about how i became a herbalist.