Saturday, 5 January 2013

Secret Messages

The CD rack is my friend.  I have now decided that the title should determine the content, or rather the slant, of the post rather than the other way round.  To this end, i mozied on over to that relatively recently anachronised piece of furniture and extracted an ELO CD - Secret Messages:

For some reason this album is more obscure than the ones either side of it, namely Balance Of Power and Time, and is of course littered with secret messages, which were however heard by very few due to the relative obscurity of the album.  The same applies to my life.

I play games.  These games fail to make contact with other people - they are like a chess game with only one set of pieces set out because nobody else is willing to play.  I react to this by changing the rules to make the messages more obscure, which is probably passive-aggressive.  However, this is only how i see the world.  Maybe it's a lot more disturbing than that.  Maybe in reality people know what i'm saying.  However, i very much doubt it (but then i would, but let's not do this).  Most of the time, the truth is probably that people don't notice and wouldn't care if they did.

So, here are a few of the deliberately secret messages, or rather where they are:

The first Mark's Herbalist leaflet used Monotype Corsiva and did not use an apostrophe where one might be expected.  This links back to an earlier poster i drew in early 1989 which used an almost identical calligraphic hand, which itself links back to a slightly earlier piece of correspondance i sent which used the same one.

My website used a number of meta tags which had no connection to the content.  Someone looking for a particular thing would've found it unexpectedly.  Nobody ever did of course - the number of page impressions on the site was probably around one a fortnight, which led to me giving up on the whole idea of having a website and i trashed it in 2010.  I never got an enquiry off it, which made the whole text content of the site a secret message in a way, though an unintentional one.

The way i dot i's and cross t's is sometimes steganographic.  I'm pretty sure nobody's picked up on that either.

Each YouTube video i make has at least three secret messages encoded in it.  Some have more.

I don't really know why i bother with them.  I suppose i just enjoy it and do it for fun, not really caring whether anyone picks up on it or not, which may contradict what i said earlier, which was in truth recreational histrionics.  I do a lot of that as well.

Unfortunately, as well as all the intentionally secret messages, i also produce a lot of unintentionally secret messages - i fail to communicate.  Today, i've produced an unintentionally secret message about an unintentionally secret message, and presumably this entry is a further secret message.

So anyway, here's another one:  i bought a dress today, something i haven't done for many a year.  I obviously have problems pulling dresses off (ha ha), not least because they are designed for people with different body shapes, but on this occasion it might actually be OK.  The reason i've bought a dress is, well, to be honest, because it's an experiment in image again, though probably not one i'll be trying outside the house.  I realise i've gotten stuck in a rut about this.  I'd show you a photo but since i already know what it looks like, that would be a bit pointless.

Going back to the secret message thing, well, if i do intentionally secret messages for fun, why not also do the unintentionally secret ones for fun too?  Daniel insists quite correctly that this is where to go with this and other people have said the same.