Thursday, 31 January 2013

Kiss From A Rose

It wasn't easy to think of a title for this one, and i'm not happy with it to be honest.  It was rather easier to think of a title for this video though:

Tights dresses and pink.  All of these have been masculine but are now seen as feminine.  There's also a bit of twerking (booty shaking) in this.

Anyway, let's deal with these one at a time.  First of all, tights, or rather, leggings.  I am well-known for wearing these, and in fact until the eighteenth century it was normal for men to wear tights.  They only became feminine after that. Other videos on this channel go into that, so i'll drop it for now.  Suffice it to say that there's apparently something wrong with wearing lycra or spandex skintight stuff as a bloke.  Search me what it is.

Now for dresses.  Men look silly in dresses but there was a time in the middle ages where there was very little difference between feminine and masculine costume and consequently, men wore dresses, effectively.  The reason they look silly, of course, is that they're designed for women - the fact that we're unaccustomed to seeing them is probably not the only reason they look ridiculous.

Finally, there's the issue of pink.  Interestingly, this only became a girl's colour recently.  Alice In Wonderland depicts Alice as wearing a blue dress and right up to First World War times, pink, being a vibrant and reddish, rather blood-like colour, was considered masculine.  I'm not sure when it switched.  Also, velour, being a soft fabric, is also feminine, as are ribbons.  I have no idea why ribbons are, except maybe because they're an adornment.  Unisex or men's hoodies, for example, never have ribbons.  Perhaps it's because they're shiny.

I lost another subscriber, probably due to yesterday's rather sub-standard offering (or maybe what i offered in it), so i decided to up the ante.  I decided that shaking my booty on YouTube would bring in the punters, and acted accordingly.  It should get me somewhere.  What didn't go according to plan was that my leotard seems to have vanished, which is annoying, so i just carried on anyway.  It's also shorter than usual.  It's also remarkable in that it has me dancing (sort of) in it, and it's also the first time i've ever worn a complete pink tracksuit.  I'm not keen on velour, but sometimes things have such a high degree of silliness that they transcend my distaste, and this has just such extremity.

It's also according to plan, as mentioned in the previous doobly-do.  Tomorrow's video is therefore also fixed.  This is starting to make me quite nervous.  I'm really beginning to put myself out there now, in a way i also do in real life, but for some reason i was more trepid about the people physically around me and emotionally close to me making this than i usually am.

Believe it or not, this is really me trying to be myself, and also trying to adopt the audacity i show on the Big In Japan channel (the Other Channel).

One really annoying thing:  the subscription annotations wouldn't work.  I'll have another go at them shortly.

I've now decided the reason for the spike the other day was the name of the blog entry:  "The Meaning Of Life".  Therefore, if i manage to make a video of that name which is also good and relevant rather than a trick, it might succeed.