Saturday, 26 January 2013

Naked, Young, Immensely Marvellous!

Well, this seems to have worked, at least among our coterie:

Incidentally, there's also a low-bandwidth version for people who are less addicted to their internet connection than i am:

I have yet to release it into the wild and have de-monetised it because of the nearly naked man in the thumbnail, who does not appear in the video itself.  Yes, he's me.  Here's the doobly do:

"If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear" is a popular phrase in some circles.  It's also completely wrong.  This is why.

Firstly, it assumes that the authorities work perfectly and never make mistakes, and therefore that increasing surveillance and scrutiny won't introduce problems.  For it to work, it would have to be immune from any kind of corruption and should itself be transparent to the public.  This is not so.  In fact, just as capital punishment can never be pardoned, nor can this system be expected to work perfectly.  It's also reminiscent of the policy of mutually assured destruction where nuclear arsenals are controlled by any kind of fallible system.  The fact that we are imperfect humans means such a system must be hazardous.

Secondly, it assumes that the government and the people share values, and that the law is identical with morality.  If this were so, it would mean the government was infallible morally as well as technically.  It is self-evidently implausible that such a government could exist.

Finally, this is not a party political point or a point dependent on a left- or right-wing perspective.  Libertarians exist on both the left and the right.  A right wing perspective can include distrust of authority and recommend minimal state intervention, and a left wing perspective might recommend a bottom-up syndicalist approach rather than one which places trust in state authorities, and clearly the actual situation in most Western countries would be that much of the tasks of surveillance or intrusion into privacy would be carried out by unaccountable private agencies which would be relatively large scale.  Thus this is more about lazy thinking than anything else.

For some reason, it was really, really hard to choose tags!  I ended up opting for these:

I feel that none of these really hit the spot.

Anyway, about the naked man:  I'm not going to pretend that Uddiyana Bandha and Lung Volumes were absent from my mind when i chose this thumbnail,  nor am i under any illusions that my flabby pallid paunch is going to attract anyone to this other than for a good laugh, but it's not just gratuitous nacor.  The point is really that although i have no hang ups about being naked, i'm not about to wander about outside in the dead of winter or fry some bacon without chucking on the tediously ubiquitous trackie or frock, and consequently, although i have nothing to hide, actually hiding nothing could still be unwise in some circumstances.  Politically speaking, we're frying tonite, and we need at least a pinny to deal with this.

This is the second video for which i've done a low bandwidth version, which for some reason is just as small as the other one even though the latest is in colour.

It also occurred to me that i could change thumbnails on older videos, so i did this: