Monday, 7 January 2013

National Avenue

I can't currently think of a title to this entry.  Presumably i'll have one by the time i've finished.

Here's what turned out to be today's vlog entry:

I was kidnapped and robbed in September 1989.  This is a true story,

Back in September 1989, my girlfriend and I went to the pub and got drunk.  We went home, went to bed and she threw me out because I couldn't stop farting, so I went home by the quickest route possible, which turned out not to be the safest.  I was in fact robbed and mugged, and the police later said that I had technically been kidnapped.

Remarkable things about this experience:

I had several opportunities to tell the police what was going on and passed them up because I was anarchist.

I asserted myself sufficiently on one occasion to avoid being murdered, in my opinion at the time.

I had to slow down to keep pace with him when we were running away from the police.

Having been persuaded by a probation officer, I eventually decided he needed to be arrested to protect him from others, but unfortunately this probably meant his prospects were ruined.

I had psychotherapy as a result of the experience but found that I had PTSD anyway, and that it got worse before it got better.

Also, oddly, I found that a couple of years later I described my experience as "being abducted" because I don't see it as kidnapping, and the people I was talking to started behaving kind of distantly towards me.  It was eventually borne in upon me that they thought I'd meant alien abduction!

Oh, and the best thing about it was that I got a hug out of a woman I'd been totally besotted with for five years, but that's another story.

Yes, finally Nyarlathotep gets a mention!  She Who Must Not Be Named.  In this case, fear of the name does not increase fear of the thing itself and as it happens, she got mentioned in a conversation later on that same day about pranging cars.

I am not going there right now, though i probably will soon because it may now be safe to mention her again.

The reason this video happened now is that Big Science took place and the one i was planning is still in about thirty bits with some missing.  It may well stay in about thirty bits for several days as "Becoming YouTube" hasn't come out yet and i will almost certainly do a response to it when it has, which will probably be tomorrow.

There are several things i wish i had mentioned in this video.  One of them is the encounter with Nyarlathotep, but then i can approach that from another angle.  I needn't have ended up in that situation and as it happened she got a lot worse than i a few months later, and i wish her no ill will.  Leaving behind the poodle-head (sorry) despite her magnetism, this was originally going to be more carefully planned but has ended up as a hurried offering.  One thing which did happen with the other one was that it turned into a lesson plan, and in fact this is something i think i should try more often - links between the videos and Big Science.  It would save time and enable me to make something of an abortive Big Science session.  Anyway, a propos tomorrow's possible offering, which is now being put off as much as the Alpha Centauri one was, imagine the following:

Sophie Gray (with an A) has grown up in an environment where she never sees saturated colours.  Nonetheless, she is an expert on human colour vision and knows everything about how human colour perception works.  When she leaves her environment and sees saturated colour for the first time, she learns something new.  Therefore, the argument goes, physicalism must be wrong:  experience has essential features which cannot be described solely in terms of physical processes.

Over there, another thing is going on which involves the following image:

Well, not that one as it happens, but a much higher-resolution version destined to be doodled on hundreds of times before being uploaded to YouTube.  This has been tampered with quite a lot already, but i've now decided the problem with it is that it lacks a body lying on it, and will therefore shortly provide one.  It is also probably the case that both objects shown in that photograph will shortly either be sold or carted off by bailiffs, because my life's life that.  This image has been adjusted, incidentally:  it's higher than it was and its aspect ratio has been changed.  Also, the contrast and brightness have been boosted.  It then occurred to me that rather than attempting to paste a resized image layer on top, i should just lie on the couch and take a photo.

Regarding the OC generally, i feel pretty confident that when i finish the animation project and upload it there, i will get thousands of views.  I already have more than a zagier views of the slideshow (not the op art one).  By contrast, for some reason the "main channel" has once again taken a nosedive.  The last three uploads are all in single figures still and i'm not sure why.  It may be because i keep procrastinating with my current magnum opus, but i've now reached the stage of considerable pessimism vis a vis its reception.  It would be pretty depressing to put all that effort in just to have it ignored.  However, i can cross-post it a fair amount because of its subject.  Maybe.  I really wish i could cultivate detachment here.

An odd thing about this is that i don't care about blog views at all, but i really care a lot about channel views. What's that about?

Finally, the events of the night of Day 1888 have an interesting parallel with H P Lovecraft because it turns out the name Nyarlathotep came to him in a dream too, so that's something else they have in common.

Finally, here is some music:

If you actually are She Who Must Not Be Named, you might be able to guess why this is here.  Otherwise i'm talking to myself.

It's the second one, isn't it?