Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This Is How It Feels

This video:


Welcome to the third Webcam Wednesday video.  In this video, i summarise some new activities and stuff that i'm doing.

The first is Invisible Disease T-shirts.  This is an idea a friend of mine had whose family is afflicted by various chronic illnesses and disabilities which don't affect their appearance but most definitely do impair their lives.  If you are blind or unable to walk, it's easy to notice but there are a lot of other illnesses out there which are not like that such as Type I Diabetes and Cystinuria.  The plan is to produce T-shirts which illustrate these diseases and hidden disabilities so that they're no longer invisible, and to use them to raise money for relevant charities and other groups, although i also plan to make a profit.

The second idea is the reason i bought this thing in the first place.  I plan to offer webcam tutoring on a variety of subjects, including sciences - chemistry, biology and physics - maths, classical languages, German, philosophy and various other things which you might want to suggest.  Linked to this are the videos of Big Science activities and others which i've started to put on here, of which the first is "Molarity explained with egg sandwiches".  These will be organised into playlists on the relevant subjects once i've got enough for that to make sense.

Other video activities, which you may have noticed, have included salvaging relevant material from the other channels.  I uploaded these videos, which are low-quality, over the last couple of days and it's unlikely that you'll get any more because most of the material on Handsonisbetter was deleted and is completely gone, and almost all of the material on the Other Channel, although it's educational, is unsuitable for this one.  Nonetheless, you now have "Herbal relaxants and astringents" and "Stomach and speech organ anatomy".  Meanwhile, there are two other videos from Handsonisbetter:  "Jane Austen As She Is Spoke" and the time capsule opening video, which might interest you.

Finally, on the subject of lower-quality videos, i'm aware that there are a lot of people whose internet connection is not as good as ours, and has lower bandwidth or a quota.  For those people, i've started to make low-bandwidth versions of the other videos so you can see them without worrying about that or getting endless buffering.  As uploaded, they're under 7 Mb in size and i plan to link to low bandwidth versions from the higher quality versions.  That way you get to see them even if your internet's not good.  I will also consider posting out CDs if you still have problems.

Finally, please do subscribe and share if you like my stuff, and if you dislike it, please give me feedback so i can try to improve.  Bye for now - normal video tomorrow, possibly on the colour pink or the history of the zip fastener!


First of all, there's a very high ratio of comments to views on this one.  One of the views is my father, two are from FB and i think one is an ersatz "view" of mine, so the fact that two of you have actually said something is pretty good.  However, the low number of views is problematic.  I realise it was chaotic, due to lack of time, but i needed to include both the T-shirt idea and the Skype idea (and associated stuff) and rather than have them on consecutive days, i decided to do both at once on a whim that i didn't get the chance to stifle or rethink.  Basically, i have one shot at making a video on Wednesdays or there's no video, and i've committed myself to uploading at least one a day.  So i agree with the comment about focus, i usually try to focus (though it may not show) and this is an explanation, not an excuse.  Also, thanks for the feedback!

It's been a bit irritating having to upload the four itty-bitty videos yesterday and also a bit of a risk.  It may not be connected, but i lost a subscriber yesterday.  I had to do it at some point though, and the two medical videos were originally on this account a couple of years ago - i just needed to restore them.

Right now i'm wondering how the heck people keep their uploads down to one a week, assuming they have time.  I'm constantly being assaulted by ideas, possibly not very good ones, for videos and there seems to be no let up.  Presumably my lack of self-criticism is a factor here.

Time for a bit more navel-gazing.  Here's the all-time list of popular vids on this channel:

Incidentally, numbers five and seven are deleted videos which i left up too long for the previous deletion policy.  One is probably on bandhas and the other on herbalism, incidentally, and the latter is extremely old.

While i'm at it, here's the Other Channel's list:

("...let b..."! Quelle drollerie (sp?)!)

What can be learned from these lists?  Well, first of all that as a pervert, i have company.  That's the message of the second list and to some extent the first.  In fact, every video on the first top ten except for the herbalism one has potentially salacious content, depending on the mindset of the viewer (as usual).  Therefore, it's quite easy to see what gets views.  Note also the boost in autumn 2012 on the second graph.  This was, believe it or not, caused by hypnosis!  I choose not to dilate further, but it's not as dodgy as it sounds.

Therefore, it's very clear what i need to do to boost views, and it's probably quite easy to do so.  So i'm afraid you're going to have to bear with me while i introduce videos which are, shall i say, rather more daring.  For better or worse, this is who i am.  That does not mean, however, that i will lower the tone of the channel.  Let's just say i have plans.  Even the Other Channel is not your bog standard fapfest, even for what someone once referred to as "our eccentric community".  There you go, big pink neon sign for you.

Oh, what the heck:

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull the threads together?

Oh yeah, one more thing:  what was with that sudden blip in viewing figures on here yesterday?  Anyone?