Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Day In The Life

I wonder if i should start calling every entry here after a song title.

It's late and i'm tired, so i'll just describe the process of making and uploading my video, "My 5 Minute Monday", which is here:

The idea was to make a video lasting four minutes (which is where it all went wrong by the way, but more of that later) in ten second segments throughout the day at intervals of half an hour.  Unfortunately, it so happened that i became a bit coldy and overslept, so i didn't wake up until nearly 8 am.  I then proceeded to make short videos lasting about ten seconds each and progressively added them to a video which i edited and saved as i went along.  I soon encountered the problem of them going all milky - they started to look like they were filmed in fog.  Therefore, i realised i'd have to edit all of them in one go, and at that point i became relieved that i'd released the Charlie McDonnell video at that point.  In the end, i did them all this morning and uploaded it, which took quite a while.  I also found it very hard to think of tags, so it's just sort of there, and is probably the kind of video which is only popular on popular channels.

I now have the problem of thinking of another equally original video.  Since Wednesdays usually involve me going to Loughborough, it's difficult to think of anything much unless it involves actually being in that town in some way.  I suppose i could do a sort of guided tour, but the sad fact is i find the place really dull.  The Carillon's nice, i suppose, and i've thought about doing an interview with my mother.

Concerning short videos, my thoughts right now are to do something on being teetotal, something on rhetoric or something in slow motion.

In other news, i think one of you has found me elsewhere!